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LOVE Goods Pre-order

****** PRE-ORDER ENDS ******

Pre-order for LOVE goods starts.
I don’t charge extra for the goods, price are same as stated in Johnny’s Net, but I charge basic fee per each order, depending on the total price of your items.

Many people request without reading first.


I don’t charge extra for items, but i charge basic fee per each order depends on the total amount of your order. For first time buyer, please check Request Fee before you make your order.
International shipping is not calculated in this stage. Please do not ask me how much is the shipping to your country m(___)m I can only know the shipping fee after i got the item, wrapped it and weigh it at the post office. I will inform you on the shipping fee later. Item will be shipped via EMS from Japan to your country.
Due to my convenience, i only ship through EMS, other shipping methods is hard to handle, so please order only if you’re ok with EMS.

The “Shipping and handling” stated in the mail after you requested is the BASIC FEE (Paypal has only this option to display)
For any feedback questions, please refer here.

I will get it during Tokyo Dome (16 December).
Some might be bought earlier during Sapporo (17 November) but very limited number.
As usual i give priority according to those who order first. If i dont contact you after Sapporo Dome, that means your order will be proccessed during Tokyo Dome period.
Sorry, i hope buyers can aware of the date because i often receive a lot of mails asking me why i havent send any news on their items, in fact the items are not selling yet….
Items only starts selling during concert days.

No cancelation for goods.
For this tour, i have some problem in getting the goods perhaps (cant queue for many days).
If i cant get you your item, i will refund back.

Sorry, I’ve set a new condition for the order.
Only the most 2pcs per each item.
Sorry for this condition, items are really hard to get, and i really hope to distribute this among fans, so that more fans can get their items.

1st deadline = 13 November 2013
2nd deadline = 6 December 2013

Items for pre-order

※Photos grabbed online and edited. I have not bought the items yet.

Pamphlet 2000 yen

Poster 800 yen

Poster must be send separately with other items because it’s very big and long.
Extra 450yen for each poster for special packaging so that it is not damaged. This is not the shipping, it’s the poster packaging, poster roll case.
For example, if you buy 2 posters, i will charge 450×2=900 yen for the poster case.
Poster must be send separately with other items, but multiple poster will be tied together to be send together.

Too much order on Arashi poster, so only member solo poster is available now.

Jumbo uchiwa 500 yen

Clear file 500 yen

Original photo 600 yen

LOVE original photo (Arashi)

LOVE original photo (Aiba) (taken by Sho)

LOVE original photo (Jun) (taken by Ohno)

LOVE original photo (Nino) (taken by Aiba)

LOVE original photo (Ohno) (taken by Nino)

LOVE original photo (Sho) (taken by Jun)

Original penlight 1500 yen

I heard that the penlight this year is fragile and easy to get break (because it’s round ? )
Sorry, i cant be responsible for any damage during shipping, especially many times package is handled very roughly although with the “FRAGILE” mark on it.
Please think twice before you order. Thank you.

Tshirt 2800 yen

Sorry, picture looks white, but it’s actually gray (light gray) color.

Shopping bag 1800 yen

★★ UPDATED 2013.11.15 ★★
No more taking order for shopping bag for the moment because too much order on waiting list. Will update again if i confirm i can get the item.

Bath towel 3500 yen

Pair pouch 1500 yen

Big size handkerchief 500 yen

Letter set 500 yen

Ribbon bracelet (Tokyo Dome YELLOW) 500 yen

★★ 1pc per person ★★

Mini uchiwa 300 yen

Fluffy seal 500 yen