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Feedback for my Pre-order

I have been taking pre-order for their items for around 2-3 years. I’m too lazy to do any feedback page, plus i always think that giving feedback after buying things is a very troublesome thing to do, i don’t want my buyers to find it troublesome but recently i received a lot of questions asking whether i have any feedback page for reference. Sorry.. i don’t have あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
So i decided to just upload a few reply i got and also photos from very kind buyers who are willing to spend their time taking picture for me, and telling me that they are happy to received their items. Thank you!!! 😥

Thanks to all the message. Sorry, i only listed a few, if you don’t see your message here, that doesnt mean that i don’t appreciate your words あっかんべー I dont reply to the notice mail but i enjoy reading all your happiness. And i appreciate all who took those pictures and showed them to me. It’s so happy to know that the goods i queued up for hourSSSSSSS is now there in another land, another country! *LOL*