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Pre-Order for 2013 24hr TV Show Goods

****** PRE-SALES ENDS ******

24hr TV Show goods are out!!
It will start selling on 14th, and i’m going on the 14th.
You can place your order now, but the tshirt is not opened to public yet, because it will be announced only on the 14th.
So, for those who wish to wait for the shirt to be out, you can place your order after 14th but, i cant promise when i can go for the second time, so for orders after 14th June, i will put you under waiting list and this might take 2 months. I will get it before the event..
Last year, all the goods are out of order for 2 months, so i dunno how’s the condition this year, please do not urge…


I don’t charge extra for items, but i charge basic fee per each order depends on the total amount of your order. For first time buyer, please check Request Fee before you make your order.
International shipping is not calculated in this stage. I can only know the shipping fee once i got the item. I will inform you on the shipping fee later.
The “Shipping and handling” stated in the mail after you requested is the BASIC FEE (Paypal has only this option to display)
exclamationdouble exclamationdouble exclamation I will not be able to access to internet from 20 June till end of June, so reply will be slow too. All orders from 20 June – 30 June will be processed in July.exclamationdouble exclamationdouble exclamation

1st DEADLINE:12 June 2013 21:00 JAPAN TIME
2nd DEADLINE: 5 July 2013 21:00 JAPAN TIME

24hr TV Show Goods

List: http://www.ntv.co.jp/24h/shop/goods/index.html
All pictures linked from above site.

(When you “Add to Cart” the quantity is set as 1. Change your quantity at your Cart if you want extra)

Charity Tshirt 1500yen

Collaboration between Riida and Kusama Yayoi.
Flower by Kusama sensei, and other delicate drawings by Riida.
4 colors represent 4 seasons, white (winter), blue(summer), pink(spring) yellow(autumn)


24hr Tshirt (WHITE) 1500yen
24hr Tshirt (BLUE) 1500yen
24hr Tshirt (PINK) 1500yen
24hr Tshirt (YELLOW) 1500yen

Sports Towel 1200yen

24hr Sports Towel 1200yen

Charity Hand Towel (LOGO) 500yen

24hr Hand Towel LOGO 500yen

Charity Hand Towel (MASCOT) 500yen

24hr Hand Towel MASCOT 500yen

Charity Charm 700yen

24hr Charity Charm 700yen

Cap 1000yen

24hr Cap 1000yen

Badge (RAINBOW) 300yen

24hr Badge (RAINBOW) 300yen

Badge (WHITE) 300yen

24hr Badge (WHITE) 300yen

Badge (BLACK) 300yen

24hr Badge (BLACK) 300yen

Charity Band (WHITE) 400yen

24hr Charity Band (WHITE) 400yen

Charity Band (BLACK) 400yen

24hr Charity Band (BLACK) 400yen

Fan 800yen

24hr Fan 800yen

Clear Folder 300yen

24hr Clear Folder 300yen

Pen 500yen

24hr Pen 500yen


Mist Shower 800yen

I dunno what is this………………. 目
Only available on July
24hr Mist Shower 800yen


Mascot strap 700yen

24hr Mascot Strap 700yen


Charity bag 1000yen

24hr Bag 1000yen
Jeans material.


Design Clearfile 300yen

24hr Design Clearfile 300yen


Notebook 400yen

24hr Notebook 400yen


Thank you.