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Popcorn Goods Pre-order

I am now taking orders for Popcorn Goods 🙂
I don’t charge extra for the goods, price are same as stated in Johnny’s Net, but I charge basic fee per each order, depending on the total price of your items.

EMS shipping is not calculated at this moment.
Please do not ask me how much is the shipping to your country m(___)m
I can only know the shipping after everything is bought, wrapped and weighed at the post office.
No cancelation is to be made after item is bought. m(___)m
I am slow in shipping, as i can only ship during weekend. If i am not avaibalable at the weekend, i need to wait for another week to ship out… I’ll try to be quick but if you’re urgent, couldn’t afford to wait after i got the items, sorry, please order from other people.. sorry… 🙁

Photos will be uploaded 14th or 15th November, so maybe you can wait if you wanna check on it before ordering.
Deadline : 2012/12/08
I will buy it during concert at Tokyo Dome (13 Dec – 16 Dec).

Same as previous orders, we’re only allowed to buy 5 items at once.. i need to queue for many rounds for it, so if i cant get you your items especially it sold out fast.. >< I will refund you your money.

Items for pre-order

You just need to “Add to Cart” if you want to make any order, and you can check your cart at the right side bar. Quantities can be changed.


Price=2000 YEN

Some pages inside pamphlet


6 types available (Arashi/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun/Ohno)
Price=800 YEN (each)

Type :


  • Poster must be SENT SEPARATELY with other goods.
  • Poster is very big and packaging roll is expensive (400yen/pc), so for each poster, i will collect 400yen in addition to the shipping. If you order 2 poster, means 400×2=800yen as packaging fee, besides the shipping.


6 types available (Arashi/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun/Ohno)
Price=500 YEN (each)

Type :

Popcorn (Group Arashi)

Clearfile Back (Left:group, Right:member)

Original Photo Set

6 types available (Group/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun/Ohno)
Price=600 YEN (each)

Type :

These photos were taken by members themselves.
Sho: taken by Aiba
Nino : taken by Ohno
Aiba : taken by Nino
Jun : taken by Sho
Ohno : taken by Jun
Group : taken by Arashi







Mini Uchiwa (Kidsline)

6 types available (Arashi/Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun/Ohno)
Price=300 YEN (each)

Type :

Jumbo Uchiwa

5 types available (Sho/Aiba/Nino/Jun/Ohno)
Price=500 YEN (each)

Type :

Popcorn Penlight

Price=1500 YEN

Shopping Bag

Price=1200 YEN


Bath Towel

Price=3500 YEN

Handphone Strap

Price=800 YEN

Hand Mirror


IC Card Sticker


Earphone Jack


This is LIMITED item, and every type is different between Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya/Fukuoka/Sapporo Dome. I am only getting the one for Tokyo Dome, and most probably i cant get much… will refund if i cant get it. The picture is Osaka version.

Stickers (Kidsline)



Two types = blue/yellow
Price=500 YEN

Type :