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Johnny’s Shop @ Harajuku

Seems that a lot of Arashian are interested in visiting Johnny’s Shop when they come to Japan 🙂
Here, you can find details on how to get there 🙂

There are all together 5 Johnny’s Shop throughout Japan, but I’m sorry that I can only show you how to get to the one located at Harajuku (Tokyo).

Johnny’s Shop (Tokyo) is located near JR Harajuku Station (原宿).
Harajuku is a popular young girl fashion street in Japan and I bet you will get details on how to get there from many travel guide books.

There are two exits at Harajuku Station. Get out of Harajuku Station from Omotesandou Exit.
You will see GAP in front of you, with Harajuku station behind you.

Looking to the right of GAP, you will see blue color pedestrian bridge.

Cross the street in front of Harajuku Station to GAP, and walk to the right to the pedestrian bridge.

Just a walk in around 1 minute, you will see a shop “Play House” in front of you beside a small lane.

Walk into the street and just a few seconds, you will see a building with Johnny’s Shop logo in front of you.

You will see stairs going up the building, DO NOT go up, it’s not there :p
There’s another stairs going down to B1 next to it. That’s the entrance of Johnny’s Shop!

That’s the entrance of Johnny’s Shop !

Here’s some information on Johnny’s Shop.
B1 is selling photos of all Johnny’s Entertainment artists, V6, Kanjyani, V6, HeySay JUMP etc, and of course Arashi !
Arashi’s corner in fact is the biggest 🙂
They are not selling much items other than photos actually…. especially I didnt see any Arashi items there..
It was quite dissapointing.. but of course, you will enjoy your time staring at those photos inside 🙂

Johnny’s Shop can be quite crowded on peak season, that is concert period, event period, summer holidays and weekends.
Sometimes you need to queue up for hours to get inside (Well, I only went there on weekdays before and it was quite empty.. so I am not very sure of how crowded it is, this’s just what I read from the net).
If there are too many people, they will distribute “seiriken” , ticket stating what time you can get it, so you don’t have to wait and queue outside, just get your “seiriken” and go back there at the time stated on the ticket.