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Latest Wild At Heart Official Photo 2012/02/07

Official Wild At Heart photos were out at Johnny’s Shop today.
Total of 160 photos!!!

Each photos is selling at 150 YEN. And i’m starting to accept orders for these photos.
Deadline = 15 March 2012
The first deadline is over. I am not sure when i’m going, if you want to place order, please contact me. Thank you.
Once again, I don’t charge extra for the item, I charge basic fee per each order. Please check Request fee if you’re not familiar with my charges.

I’m trying to group them into a few categories, you can choose the type you want, for example “Aiba (Blinking coat)” 2pcs, “Sho (black coat) 1pc etc. I will choose photos SIMILAR to the category (not 100% the photos uploaded here)
I am sorry that you cannot choose the photos. I will be choosing them on behalf of you for each group.
Sorry for this, that’s because there’s no way I can let you know what are all photos in the shop.. I have no money to buy all of them… 🙄
You can tell me you prefer serious photo (ie when they’re singing) or those offshot (when they’re talking and photos taken when they’re not looking at camera). If not mentioned, i’ll try to get both types for you.
I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CANCELLATION FOR PHOTOS BOUGHT. Please don’t tell me that you don’t like this or that, it hurts 🙁 I believe Arashics will like any shot of them ! 😀
If you have any specific photos which you want (for example you saw them on net) please contact me and i will have you sending me the photos, and i will buy exactly the same one for you.

Here are the grouping.
Quantities could be change after adding to cart (at the right top of the page).

Arashi Group Photos

Arashi (Blick jacket)

Arashi (Black)

Arashi (Singing)

Type :


Sho (Black)

Sho (Blinking jacket)

Type :


Nino (Blinking jacket)

Nino (Black)

Type :


Aiba (Blinking Jacket)

Aiba (Black)

Type :


Jun (Blinking Jacket)

Jun (Black)

Type :


Ohno (Black)

Ohno (Blinking Jacket)

Type :









Type :