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Arashi 2011-2012 Live Tour Beautiful World Goods


—————————————- UPDATED————————————–
Thanks for all the orders. Beautiful World has come to an end.
You still can get the item on Yahoo Auctions, you can search for it and if you want it, please discuss with me.
The price in auction is of course higher than the original price.

I am now taking orders for Arashi Live Tour Beautiful World Goods 🙂
I don’t charge extra for the goods, price are same as stated in Johnny’s Net, but I charge basic fee per each order, depending on the total price of your items.
1st Batch Dateline = 2011/08/05 20:00
2nd Batch Dateline = 2011/08/31 20:00
3rd Batch Dateline = 2011/12/23 20:00 (FINAL BATCH)

I will get the order for 1st batch on 6,7 August from Tokyo Dome.
As for the 2nd batch of order, I will get it during Kokuritsu Concert which is on 2,3rd Sept.

I’ve confirmed attending their BW concert at Nagoya which is on 7th, 8th Jan 2012.
I will get the order for 3rd batch during Nagoya concert.
I wont be attending the final Fukuoka one, so this’s the last call 🙂
Please note that I cannot guarantee I will get your item for sure, you know Arashi’s popularity in Japan, fans had to queue up to 8 hours to get the items previously!
I will refund you back your money if I failed to get your items, or if they’re sold out.

Items for pre-order

You just need to “Add to Cart” if you want to make any order, and you can check your cart at the right side bar. Quantities can be changed.

The right picture shows the whole towel when opened, very cute!
Price=3,000 YEN

Shopping Bag
It is reversible !
Price=1,200 YEN

As usual, the official penlight is always a MUST item for concert ! It’s so cute !! 🙂
This year, we have lighthing color of AMNOS ! See the below gif for it.
Price=1,500 YEN

Marker pen set
Yes, of cource we have the AMNOS colors!
The box itself is very cute, and there is also an Arashi Logo at the opening section, could you see it ?
Price=500 YEN

Mini Uchiwa
I am putting up Arashi version. The right picture shows the backside of the uchiwa.
You can buy solo version too.Check here to see how the solo mini uchiwa looks like.
Price=300 YEN

Type :

Jumbo Uchiwa
Sorry, I’m putting up Sho’s version 🙂
You can have Arashi version or all other member’s solo version too.
Nino , Jun, Aiba, Leader
Price=500 YEN

Type :

Beautiful World T-shirt
Very simple design this year.
The one Arashi member wore in the concert is a special edition, with limestone on the alphabets, the one selling are just normal white printing wordings.
Price=2,800 YEN

Charity Charm

You can add it to your keyholder. I’m showing you how actually I’m using it with my purse :p
Isn’t it cute?
Price=500 YEN

Clear File
One on Arashi, and all member’s solo version, selling separately.
Image Source here
Price=500 YEN

Type :

Original Photoset by members
6 Types, Arashi, and solo of each members, all selling separately.
Member’s photos were taken by other members themselves, so you can see very rare expression of them.
Aiba (taken by Jun), Jun (taken by Nino), Nino (taken by Sho), Leader (taken by Aiba), Sho (Taken by leader)
Price=600 YEN

Type :

Handphone strap
Yeah, we all know what AMNOS and the color represents! :p
Price=1,300 YEN

It was quite a big pamphlet, some sort like a brochure.
I keep on laughing at this page… Sho fans should know what i mean:)
Price=2,000 YEN