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Request Fees

For request of items with price over 50,000 yen, the Paypal could not calculate 10,000 yen as basic fee (as paypal couldnt calculate 20%),
i will contact you on the actual amount later on.

I have been thinking of whether i should charge request fees for purchasing items for fans. Sometimes i think it’s not good to accept money from fans, and i do not wish to raise the price of the item (as i cant decide on how much to raise too..) but i do hope to get an understanding that i need very much effort to get those items, sometimes queing up to 7 hours.. and sometimes going around shops just to get the very limited edition of the stuffs, and carrying many kgSS of items back, handling all the shipping and international invoice..
A little comission will give me the energy to work.. i’m not very good at voluntary.. sorry..