Otonoha 2011.03.20

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3.11, a day where everyone of us wont forget, the big earthquake and tsunami which hit Tohoku Japan.
Today, i would like to pick up the Otonoha which he wrote it after the tsunami.

To everyone who suffered from this disaster
I’m sending my deepest condolences from bottom of my heart.
This is me, Sakurai Sho.

Few days has passed since the earthquake disaster.
Today I would like to write on what happened on that day.

I was shooting at Kawasaki on that day.
Kawasaki was shaking hard too on that day.
And the shooting was temporarily stopped.
I went back to my “gakuya” and switched on the tv, and i lost my words.
And it was still shaking non stop while i’m watching the tv.
We finally finished the shooting, and i took 17 hours to reach home.
(Please note that Kawasaki is in Tokyo area, from Kawasaki to Sho’s place it’s around 30minutes normally, transportation all stopped on that day)
It was Friday.
I contacted the other members, and make sure of their safety.
And i keep on following the news nonstop. Nonstop.
Watching the news nonstop.

Sunday’s night.
Finally i cant controlled myself. My tears cant stop rolling down. I cant stop crying the whole night.
My eyes were swollen the next morning.
To everyone who watched ZERO on Monday, i’m sorry to have let you all worried for me.

And the next day, it’s the first time five of us gathered after the earthquake.
Everyone was safe.
Honestly… i feel relieved to see their face.
We recorded our regular variety.
We just hope we could bring smile to everyone when this is aired…

And now the moment, when i’m writing this.
I only switched on my tv to gather latest news.
It’s dark in my room.
I did not on my heater, i’m wearing very thick sweater and coat in my room.
It’s cold.
But compared to everyone in Tohoku, it’s not “dark” at all, it’s not “cold” at all..
Electricity brownout… That’s what we could do to prevent large scale blackout.
(When earthquake happened in Japan, the nuclear accident created electricity crisis in Japan, all of us in Japan was asked to save on electricity. And too bad, it was very very cold season in Japan despite it’s March, it’s just like mid winter, it’s hard to live without heater.)

The thing i can do now.
Is to keep praying and supporting all the people in Tohoku, to people who still need to stay in the shelter area, to everyone who’s now involved in the aid and all their families.
And to everyone who is feeling anxiety now.

I know it’s hard to say “Ganbarou” now..
I can only say, let’s “hold on together…”

2011.03.20 Sakurai Sho

Still remember my heart breaks when i read this 4 years ago.

He becomes “weak” when it comes to the topic of this Tohoku disaster.
Whether it’s yesterday’s ZERO or this 24 hour tv.
His concern to the Tohoku is much more than we expected maybe..
Dont wanna see his tears.. (T_T)
Let’s pray that no more disaster in future.. although i know natural disaster is unavoidable… *sigh*

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3 Comments on “Otonoha 2011.03.20”

  • zydny
    12 3月, 2015, 12:09

    Thank you for sharing this. When I first heard of the Tohoku disaster, I cried and prayed for all the people of Japan. Today I still cry and pray because I understand how hard it is to recover from something that destroys the sense of safety and home. My heart breaks when I think of our strong Sho-san crying. I love Arashi because they care so much about everyone.

  • Kazu
    14 7月, 2015, 18:03

    I’ve heard of news of him crying on news zero but never knew he wrote about it too. Just a thought, what’s the japanese translation of “let’s hold on to each other”? Thank you! 🙂

    rei125 Reply:


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