Arashi FanClub Bulletin/Newsletter #53

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Okay, the newsletter for summer 2011 is here!

Arashi Newsletter #53 - Cover

Arashi Newsletter #53 - Back

This number was taken on June, and they were in the midst of concert preparation, so the talk for this number focus more on their concert. As usual, they have not been very “serious” in talk *LOL*
Well, that’s always the “interesting” part to read, right? 🙂

Shots taken by member themselves

This number reports also Waku waku School Charity Event held last June.
It brings back all my precious memories~ 🙂

Reports on Waku Waku School Charity Event

Aiba's "Paku-Paku", Sho's "Pachi-Pachi", Ohno's "Moshi-Moshi" lesson :p

Nino's "Doki-Doki", Jun's "Biri-Biri" lesson

The best part in this number is member’s photo diary!! (yeah, i always love personal photos uploaded by themselves)
Nino uploaded omiyage (gift) received from Ohno from India, gandhi.
Jun showed us the hat he has been using recently, his favourite item this summer.
Ohno showed us Aiba’s omiyage from Bhutan, tshirt again, yeah, Aiba loves to buy tshirt and Ohno loves tshirt! *LOL* Aiba always “complained” that only Ohno will wear the tshirts he bought.
Sho showed us his private photo when he went travelling to Moscow !!!! OHHH PLEASE, I WANT LARGER VERSION OF THIS SHOT !!! Can’t see Sho’s face… 🙁
Aiba showed us his recent hobby, green pepper planting? (hmm.. cant see the photo well..)

Member's photo diary~

Sho said this’s his typical style when travelling, holding both cameras and videocams at the same time 🙂
He mentioned this before in Sho Beat few years ago too. Miss those days when he talked on his trip to India, to Russia, etc, talking about his encounters with cows on streets etc etc. I strongly demand Sho Beat to be back again 🙁
Those who agree, “PUT YOUR HANDS UP!” *LOL*

Sho during his travel to Moscow, with his camera and videocams in both hands *LOL*

OK, hope you enjoy these~

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