Sho’s private holiday @ Shiyagare 20150307

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A very “node-bleeding” episode for every Sho fans (≧∀≦*)

One day in February, Sho has one day holiday and he decided to go for his favourite ski.
His gathering time was early in the morning 5:55 am!!!

Early in the morning, but this guy turned up looking very fresh and excited on his holiday! LOL

Kyaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~ private Sho~~~~~ kawaii!!! Morning face~~~~~ 黒ハート

The director asked him why so early, he said he want to fully use up his day, it’s wasteful if he starts late.
Sasuga Sho-chan!! LOL
Director then asked him again where is his destination, he said it’s “Appi Kougen” at Iwate, which is around 2 hours bullet train from Tokyo.

Unfortunately the weather was very very bad on the day, heavy snow storm on that day, and almost nothing could be seen from inside the car…

Sho starts phoning the ski resort.
Kyaaaa~~~ the way he hold his iphone, quite at the bottom part of the iphone ne~
And his iphone cover is RED !!!! The same one as the one we seen in Kamikaru Making?

He asked if the ski is operating.

Look at his expression when he heard the reply LOL

He said the ski resort told him the lift is operating but the gondola is stopping due to strong wind…
The situation must be very serious because it’s hardly that the gondola will stop operating due to strong wind.

Director asked taxi driver is there any possibility that the weather turns good or sun shines later on?
The taxi driver said it’s impossible, unless there’s miracle.
He laughed at the taxi driver’s spontatious reply LOL Ahhhhhhhhhh just love the face !!! (T_T)

He reached the ski place then. Terrible snow storm !!!
He hardly could open his eyes!!! He said it’s “AnaYuki” (FROZEN, Disney’s movie) HAHAHAHAHA

Walking inside the ski place waiting for weather to recover, Kyaaaa~~~ mask Sho~~~

And miracle really happens!!!
Snow stopped, and sun shines!!!
He changed into ski outfit, and in high tension !!

Sitting on the lift to the gondola~~

The director following him this time is Kawaguchi Director, the same person who took is private holiday in Hawaii.
Sho said, it’s the second time travelling two together, and now they looks more like a couple, they have so much memories together HAHAHAHA
AAAHHHHH Envious !!! (or jealous ?? LOL)
Kawaguchi Director said his work chance increased after the Hawaii LOL

Reaching top, looking at the scenery down there, Sho said it’s glad to be there!!

Ahhhh~~~ kakkoii!!!

This’s the first time Sho ski on tv.
Kawaguchi Director asked him to show his true ski,
Sho shouted “YEAHH!!!! ” and off he went sliding down there in very high speed.

Poor Kawaguchi Director couldnt catch up with him and fall down half way LOL

And after thaheavy snow again…

Sho gotta stay indoor waiting, and Kawaguchi Director was kinda anxious because he failed to capture Sho’s ski just now, so keep on praying the weather will turn good LOL

And miracle again !!!
It shines again !!
This time Kawaguchi Director waited down there for Sho to ski down.
Ahhhhh~~ Sho-chan kakkoii !!!

And he continues for 2 hours~~~

At the end, he said there’s nothing he could say except “SAIKOU”
Sho-chan yokatta ne!! Really enjoyed himself!!

Next, on his way to his next destination, onsen. It was one hour drive from the ski place, Sho sleeping in the car.
Kyaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~ (OK, i know human sleeps LOL)
Ahhhhhh… i wish i could sit beside him and look at him all the way…..

Here’s the beginning of his very tedious trip….
The weather was getting from bad to worse…
The taxi driver stopped half way and got down of the car.. something’s not correct.
Sho looking at his magazine, maybe thinking of the another onsen, thinking of changing plan, or read again on the place he planned to go and checked on the route? He looks so serious…

The taxi driver then came back and told him, they cant move forward, it’ll be very dangerous for vehicles to get into the road….
Sho said….. “Let’s walk there!” (°口°;) (°口°;) (°口°;)
He’s serious…….

Maybe Kawaguchi Director’s expression is kinda like (°口°;) (°口°;) (°口°;) ? LOL
I dunno, but looking at Kawaguchi’s Director, Sho smiled, but still he’s determined to go..

It’s 500 metres away from the onsen resort.
Sho got out of the car…

The snow was heavy, the whole road was covered by snow, it was slippery, the wind was strong, everything in front of you was the snow dust….
Sho said, please play the song of “Let it Go”… HAHAHA

And the weather, it was not only terrible but also VERY VERY VERY cold…
It’s the first time i saw Sho in such a cold face… and kinda couldnt stand it anymore.

And it was really unberable that he stopped down and took out all his skii equipment, and wear his knit cap, wear goggles…

And he walked and walked… What a tough holiday… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Of course he’s not wearing those kinda snow boots or shoes.. it’s definitely slippery and dangerous (>_<) Kawaguchi Director fell down...

And of course, Sho also slipped many times..
Sho-chan…. 気を付けて・・・ be careful………
Hmmmm… since he decided to walk there, i think it’s almost impossible to go back during half of the walk ne..
Suppose there’s no car around or nobody around.. so he gotta keep walking…

Kawaguchi Director really worried for him i guess, although he slipped down too, he was very concern of Sho, he said “Sakurai-san hontoni be careful of yourself”
Kinda touched by his words, although he must be more tougher than Sho as he gotta take care of the camera equipment, gotta capture Sho, and gotta fight with the slippery road, but his concern in on Sho.

And at last… finally reached the onsen safely.. Phew…

He then quickly got changed and ready to get into the onsen.

Then he saw Kawaguchi Director keep on taking the video, then he asked “You’re still taking?”
Kawaguchi Director said he thought it’s ok HAHAHA
So… we could see “nothing” of him HAHAHAHA

Although “nothing” could be seen (LOL), but i still feel happy~~~ and contented~~
Yeah, that’s the Sakurai Sho whom i know, whom i like, his “guard” was always very tight~~


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh why so cute!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh why so beautiful!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why so sweet !!!!

Then the camera “stumbled” a bit, Sho said, “OK, the situation now is like this…”
And he faced the camera to himself, showing Kawaguchi Director behind him HAHAHAHAHAHA

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the laughing face is tooooooooooo much healing !!!! (T_T)

After onsen, it’s almost evening.
He doesnt head back to Tokyo, instead stopping by at Sendai to eat “Gyutan”.
Sleeping inside the car again, must be sleeping very comfortable after onsen.

Reached Sendai.
In mask again!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa kakkoii !!
Even the private clothes, all are PERFECT !!!

He’s almost dying of hunger LOL
Again, this eating face is another healing portrait..

Sho said it was really a fun day.
Tanoshikatta ~!

He said the plan could not go on due to the snow storm.

But luckily miracle happens.
Even the people at ski told him this’s a miracle and they said “Sasuga big star is different” HAHAHAHAHA

Ahhh… Sho-chan thank you for your sharing your real holiday with us (T_T)
But really… be careful when you’re enjoying (>_<)

My friend said Sho’s holiday was even more tired than his working days.
I told her, nope, it’s not tiring at all, he’s enjoying it 黒ハート
The process might be tough, but deep in his heart, he’s enjoying it~

Ahh….. how many times i’m going to repeat this?

From Hawaii Yakai to Hawai Kauai Island to Ski at Appi Kougen.
You’re never stingy to show us your true colors, although it might not be 100%, although there must be some effect for tv, but still contented~~~

Ahhhh… Daisuki 黒ハート

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  • Amivie Neski
    9 3月, 2015, 14:41

    Sugoi!! He keep on going even though it was hard… The weather seems really bad..
    If it was me, I would turn back already.. hehehhe
    He seems to enjoy his holiday and that’s good!
    Thank you for sharing!!

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