Toma talking on Sho on Abunai Yakai and in his diary

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Toma appeared as guest for Abunai Yakai on 2015.01.16.
He talked a lot on Sho, and today i’m going to do a short translation, on Sho’s birthday~ (to be correct it midnight is over, and his birthday is gone T_T)

In the beginning, Ariyoshi-san asked Sho how’s their relationship.
Sho said Toma is his junior, and they met often 2,3 years ago, and went out drinking together.
Then he said there’s one time they went out drinking, and paparazzi took photo of them LOL

He looks so cute when he cover his mouth, the “oops” expression LOL

Then he continued and said his clothes that time was really “dasai” (ugly, low sense, not fashionable) LOL
Recently especially after the Yakai at Hawaii, his character has been Sakurai Sho = not fashionable, well everyone likes to joke about this to him, and he eventually began to always laugh at himself too. The expression !!! LOL

Then the program shows on Toma’s life.

And a short talk on him and Arashi.

Toma said when Arashi was formed, he was not called. And when Arashi starts to get on the stage, he was called to perform as back dancer for them. He felt very complicated, he and the other members were same junior before this, they were enjoying dancing together but since then, he felt there’s a gap between them. He can only stand behind them and not next to them like previous. He felt that he has lose to them. He cannot understand why there must be such a difference.

He has been feeling inferior until the day on Arashi’s first concert.
He heard Sho’s speech at the concert, Sho said he wants to thank the staffs and all Johnnys Juniors.
He was very very happy at Sho’s words, and he felt yappari Sho-kun kakkoii~
Since then he’s not feeling inferior anymore.

When Sho heard Toma’s words, he laughed, and kinda wipe his eyes.

Honestly, this was just a glance and i’m not sure if he really cried, because he often wipe his eyes :p
But after that, i could see that his eyes are teary, he must be touched by Toma’s words, maybe never expect Toma to relieves his true feelings at that moment.
Sho said before, he felt very very sorry to all juniors who wanted to get debut, he is not interested and feel like quitting and yet he was chosen, maybe the “juniors who wanted to get debut” which he mentioned before includes Toma, that’s why his emotions are all out. (T_T)

Then the tv shows the speech part which Sho thanks the fans, friends and juniors.

Toma then said Sho later hug him and said thank you to him softly, he was very happy.
He said he’s not saying these because it’s Sho’s tv program, he really feel thankful to him.

That’s roughly about Abunai Yakai, but Toma updated his diary the next day, telling us more on the details on what happened last time.
I’m translating part of it.

I was very happy being a junior last time, everyday was full of fun, i meet the other juniors and seniors everyday, and the seniors was really looking after me, and one of them is Sho-kun.

I was still a kid, my body and my mind.
I thought the happy moment would last forever.
I never thought about job, i was just enjoying my time.

But when Arashi was formed, i realized that this’s a business.

I was shocked.

Few days after that when Arashi was shooting for their debut PV, i was called.
I felt embarassed, but i still gotta dance as back dancer for them. I hate it.
I just wanna enjoy dancing but now, we’re separated by the “grade”, the real artist and the junior.
I really hate to be there.

We juniors gathered a little earlier, and Arashi came in later.
Sho-kun came to me straight away, he said “Toma, gomen-ne. Hontoni arigato-ne”

I felt so shy.
Sho-kun realized my feeling, and he cares about my feeling. I never thought that my feeling of not wanting to be there will be realized by people around me.
And because of the “arigato” from Sho-kun, i finally made up my mind to be serious even though as dance, i wanna dance for them, i wanna ganbaru for them.

Thanks to Sho-kun that i can really enjoyed performing for them in their first concert.
That’s why i was really touched when Sho-kun said those words in the MC.


Thinking of Toma’s inferior feeling, thinking of Sho’s “guilty” feeling…

Johnny’s decision can change one’s whole life ne…

Sho was really mature, although he was only 17 at that time, he still can act as big brother and comfort his junior who was hurt.
Sometimes you know, in this kinda situation you dunno how to comfort someone, you feel that you shouldnt be talking too much, even a “thank you” might sounds sarcastic.
I think Sho never thinks too much, he knows Toma being down and his unhappiness, and he just wanna relay his message to him, his “gomen-ne” and “arigato-ne” is so much meaningful…

Hontoni Daisuki 黒ハート

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4 Comments on “Toma talking on Sho on Abunai Yakai and in his diary”

  • Amivie Neski
    26 1月, 2015, 1:30

    thank you so much for translating!

  • Ai storm
    26 1月, 2015, 7:16

    Owhhhh, sho is so genuine and yasashiii… <3

  • Kitty
    2 2月, 2015, 20:58

    Thank you! It’s a sweet story

  • T-chan
    1 5月, 2016, 22:43

    For me as big fan of Toma and also arashian this means a lot! Even I had bitter sweet feelings while watching this ep…But I am also proud where Toma is now and of course Arashi are on the top…I think Sho really felt guilty, but he also knew Toma has a talent… Sho-kun arigatou for encouraging Tomacchi to stay in JE! .Sho-kun you are the best senpai ever :3 Hontoni arigatou :3

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