A trip to FujiTV for AraOme

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3 months since my last post…………. (°口°;)
Nowadays too busy… reaching home late at night everyday, capturing photos alone already took up much of my time… orz

I went to FujiTV today, they had this very small fujitv festival, and there’s AraOme booth there.
And also we can play Rolling Coin Tower (the one in VS game).

Araome Booth

Big poster of AraOme.


Took ticket to get into the booth where we can play the rolling coin tower.

Inside the booth, there are many display on the items they used.

The AraOme knit cap which they used to promote the campaign. Kawaii~~~~

And also the costume Sho wore in his SP drama~ Kya~~~~

There are also all the costumes five of them wore during Dame Arashi.
The pants are all very slim size……………….あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
How can they be so slim…………………あせあせ (飛び散る汗)あせあせ (飛び散る汗)あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
This’s the one Sho wore. Sorry, only one picture..

And also the jacket for the weakest person LOL

While waiting for our turns to play the rolling coin tower, they showed video of AraOme program, CM and also five of them explaining how to play the coin tower LOL

OK finally our turn!

The table size is not the same as the one on tv, it’s much smaller.
But the music is the same when the coin table starts turning!! KYAAAAA
My friend and i were playing against two young girls, they’re really trying to “destroy” the tower, keep putting the block in a slanting way..
Urm.. i mean like the following LOL

In just about entering the third round… when i tried to put the coin on the tower, it collapsed LOL
Finally i understand their feeling when the tower collapsed LOL
It’s like “ah…………AHHHHHHHHH” LOL
In tv we cant hear the collapse sound that much, but the block was made of wood, and the table was wood also, the sound was real big.
So much fun!!

Since the tower collapsed very early, i felt that i havent enjoyed enough, so we took another ticket for next round 2 hours later, meanwhile spending time at FujiTV.

Nino’s new SP drama was having exhibition also, so we just spent our time walking around.

The train set in the drama~ Wow…

And also Nino’s costume.

Poster and galleries.

And also inside FujiTV, we saw the gigantic item for Giant Crush. Really big until it’s not enough to fit my iphone lens… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

We went back for the game again 2 hours later, this time we managed to played for 3 rounds before it collapsed in the 4th round :p
Ah~~ tanoshikatta !!

The stickers and postcard we got after playing the game.

I will be very honour if you feel like sharing this article or pictures with other fans, but sorry, for this article, please do not share the photos elsewhere. The most you can put the link back to it, but not the pictures.
Sorry.. and thank you.

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  • Amivie Neski
    29 12月, 2014, 4:21

    thank you so much for sharing this!! the rolling coin tower look so much fun!! it’s like playing jenga right? when its falls you  heart almost stop!! so fun and so scary at the same time~~ oh almost the end of the year, so I wish the best for you next year!! All the best for 2015!!! Thank you so much for sharing arashi-related stuff with us fans! I really appreciated it!!
    \ (★ ∀ <) / * ゚Thank you!!!

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