Ura Arashi Blast in Hawaii

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URA ARASHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 泣き顔
Very long.. be prepared 黒ハート
I’m biased maybe… but Sho’s message is really touching… 泣き顔



It was a short live for only 2 days, but it was really SAIKOU exclamation

And we enjoyed a lot beside the LIVE too~double exclamation

And we’re all sun-tanned exclamation

The first day, we applied sun block, but the second day, we applied sun oil double exclamation
Me and Sho-chan applied on each other..
The feeling was weird LOL

After LIVE, before M Station, we recorded for a lot of tv program (^^)

We had BBQ, surfing, cheers together, recording for dot.com etc, do watch out for it (^^)

It’s really because of all of you who always support us that we can welcome this 15 years anniversary.

Hontoni arigato (^^)

Hope that we can keep on walking, not in haste in future.


Yokatta. (It was good)
Tanoshikatta. (it was fun)
Saikou deshita. (It was SAIKOU)

… hmm.. i found that my vocabulary was so shallow when i was trying to express my feeling..

I really feel so…

To those who attended LIVE and public viewing, and to those who cant attend but praying for our success, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!

I dunno if this’s the right way to say it, but i really think that this’s a big reward for us to hold concert here in Hawaii.
This was also because of all your support.

I really think so.

I hope we’ll have another chance for another LIVE… nope.. it’s TOUR!!

And this’s my photo.

Yes, it’s rainbow (LOL)
Sometimes there’s good thing when we just look up the sky.


Iya~~ it has come to an end ne.

We have managed to flash back to 15 years ago.

Originally i do not intend to flash back so early..
But when we were planning for this LIVE, we had a chance to collect songs for every year, and as a result, it’s a chance to look back to 15 years ago.
Hawaii result was important.

The last time when five of us went to Hawaii was in year 2002….
So i guess five of us have our own feeling..

As for me,

I feel very happy and grateful when we celebrated 10th Anniversary.
But for this 15th Anniversary i feel different.
Hmm.. why..
Maybe the time was too long.
I feel very grateful, fullfilled and thankful that we can hold concert here at Hawaii at this timing.

To those we attended the concert, it was fun ne!!
You all have been our power, especially when we’re holding concert at a place which we’re not familiar.
Feel so happy that we can see the same scenery, feel the same atmosphere!

And to those who attended live viewing.
I saw it on news and learn that everyone is excited.
I’m sure you can feel what we wanted to express through the screen.

And to those who cant attend.
Do wait for DVD (^_^)v
Of course we cant include everything, but we hope we can let you know what happened.

It’s because of fans that we can continue for 15 years.
No fans, no us !!

Thank you very much.


Let’s go ahead together in future!!

Picture 1

This’s the scene during rehearsal.
Is it dream? or is it reality?
Feel that the sunset was different, suddenly feel that we should treasure our time (^_^)v

Picture 2

The helicopter we took during opening and ending.
This can only be realized in Hawaii.

Picture 3

This was prepared to us, thank you for everyone who celebrated for us


Doumo~ exclamation Ohno desu~ グッド (上向き矢印)
We’ve been to Hawaii exclamation For me it’s 12 years after my last Hawaii 手 (パー) And it was happy to hold live a place where we can see the sea. I cried when i thought of 15 years ago when we came here without knowing what will happen, and the anxiety (LOL)
It’s embarassing to say like this, but i really think we’re really sugoi to come to this stage exclamation
Very happy to be here, and i’ve enjoyed by 15 years exclamation
It’s my first time going for tour for 10 days, and have been drinking and talking to member every night (LOL) exclamation
Thanks to you all that i can stay as Arashi for 15 years double exclamation Arigato exclamation

As for photo, i had a one day leave and i went for snorkeling and BBQ. And also fishing exclamation Well, i cant get a single fish at all but it was fun exclamation The end, from Ohno Satoshi exclamation



It’s me. Sakurai desu.

“This’s gonna be a long stay~”

Just when i thought like that, by the time i realized, time flies like an arrow.
In a blink of eyes, it’s coming to an end.
I dont feel like going back yet.

Urm.. should i say,
Since i’ve become Arashi.

Should i say,
Since i get into the Johnnys.

Should i say,
Ever since i was born.

It might be the first time i stayed so long in oversea.

I’ve talked about concert many times in other media, so i wish to talk about other things.

This Hawaii trip, it has become a very meaningful trip.

Because we have concert, we had a chance to flash back on these 15 years (We never tried to look back before this)

Which means, we had a chance to stop for a while.

We had a chance to spend together hisashiburi, five together everyday.

Which means, five of us had the chance to eat and drink and talk everyday.

With the power of some tv program, we had a chance to talk on a lot of contents which five of us never talked before.

Which means, we get to know each other and each member’s feeling more.

With the power of some tv program, we get to visit some places which we will definitely not be able to make it with our own.

Which means, thank you.

Well, roughly like this.

“It’s tough to have so many shootings for tv ne…”

Everyone said this to us, but the shootings are also rewards for us.
It’s really sugoi. Hontoni.

And the Ichimen on Pearl Harbour for ZERO.

I went there privately before last time, and i always wanted to report on this.
And i borrowed the power of “Hawaii Concert”, and managed to take this chance to report on this.
I really feel very happy.

Hmmm… as for private desune..

I had a little free time, so i went snorkeling and watch the dolpin.

I was so excited when seeing parent and child dolpin group quite near to me.

And also, when i dont have much free time, i tried to wake up early.
I met friend and we went to paddle surfing before work.
(Sounds so foppish!)

It’s hard to do so in Japan.

It has also been years since i get into the sea.
I really enjoyed myself.

Thank you Waiha! (A joking way to say Hawaii)

Feel abit worried whether i have the ability to get back to work, but anyway will be happy if you could check my safety through tv.

Bye bye.


Sakurai Sho

The way my favorite artist like to take photo


The rainbow which five of us see together

Feel so happy that Sho went snorkeling and saw the dolpin!!
I went for dolphin watching too although it’s not Hawaii!! LOL
I saw parent and child dolphin too in big sea!!! LOL
Wherever he goes, he has friends around LOL
If me, i sure grab my time for sleeping, but despite the tight schedule, he said he WILL wake up EARLY if NOT ENOUGH TIME!! (normally it should be opposite? LOL)
He really knows how to treasure every second of his time.
And the way he said he’s worried whether he can get into working mood soon, just like other normal people like us!!
I feel relieved.
He’s someone special, a big idol here in Japan, or to be true, not only Japan, but deep inside there, he’s still normal human like us!!

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12 Comments on “Ura Arashi Blast in Hawaii”

  • Ariel
    30 9月, 2014, 23:23

    Thanks for sharing~! The photos were very beautiful~^^

  • leen
    30 9月, 2014, 23:39

    thanks for sharing and spreading the love~~~

  • Amivie Neski
    1 10月, 2014, 0:57

    thank you! This was beautiful and I enjoy reading this. Really cant wait for the dvd.

  • zydny
    1 10月, 2014, 10:53

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! It makes me happy to know that the Arashi members enjoyed spending time together in Hawaii even though they had to work a lot, too.

  • Lemon
    2 10月, 2014, 5:29

    same! it was touching to read that sho didn’t want to go back yet and that he would have trouble re-adjusting to society again. and i love the sakumiya with nino and sho’s posts. they both used the word “prize/reward” and posted the same rainbow pics.  love them!! 

    rei125 Reply:

    ah! my englisth was bad!! yeah, it means reward LOL

  • Lemon
    2 10月, 2014, 22:25

    Your english is great! thanks for always sharing <3

    rei125 Reply:

    i’ve changed “prize” to “reward” ((´∀`*))

  • Beverly
    8 10月, 2014, 19:05

    Imagine my good fortune, when my new job and move from New York put me in Ko Olina, Hawaii one week before the Arashi Blast concert!  I rushed to get a ticket and on Saturday, September 19th I sang, danced, and cheered Arashi along with 15,000 “new friends.” Everyone was united in their excitement to see Arashi and the 90 degree Fahrenheit weather couldn’t keep us away. The Hawaii setting was spectacular and matched Arashi’s performance.  When the rain poured down on everyone toward the end of the concert, it was Arashi’s “Gene Kelly Singing In the Rain” moment – they never missed a beat!  We all were thankful to be there and were in awe of their energy, talent, and love of their fans. I wish them continued success and I can’t wait for the DVD to relive a wonderful memory!

    Thanks so much for translating and sharing their photos & memories of Hawaii.

  • Beverly
    8 10月, 2014, 19:39

    Correction:  Saturday, September 20th

  • TK_Oil
    10 10月, 2014, 23:19

    Thanks for sharing ^_________________^
    I’m so impressed by that after reading. It’s so touching .. 
    It’s great to hear that all members enjoyed their time in Hawaii, esp Ninomiya mostly with playing game. Moreover, they have a chance to hang out together, to share their thoughts and feeling to others because of this concert. I surely believe that it’ll make their relationship stronger.

    Thanks for your hard work translating and sharing, i’ll definitely follow up your updated news of ARASHI and support you always. Fighting ^^v

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