Otonoha Vol.129 2014.08.15

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An emotional one….. 泣き顔
Cant read without tears 泣き顔泣き顔涙

Title = 18 years later


Every year, during member’s birthday, i always give them my favorite sandal, and finally this day has come… same sandals same colors same pattern, 3 pairs lying there.. dunno which sandal belongs to who, and ends up always fussing over it..

I swear i wont give sandal as present anymore.


The other day, i attended a secondary school classmates gathering for the first time.
We never changed class for the three years, but this’s the first time when we had gathering.

Well, that’s the definition of it i guess…

There’re a few whom i was very close to them.
There’re a few whom i’m “so-so” close to them.
There’re a few whom i never talked to them.
And there’re a few, whom our relationship are bad.

(Eh.. only me with this situation?)

So, honestly, i’m not into the gathering…
The only motivation for me is “the one whom i was close”

(Maaa…. i dont think i will feel good during the gathering, hmmm.. alright, just make a short appearance)
Honestly, my motivation is low like that.

When i reached, it’s the timing when they’re leaving for another place for second round.




Many familiar faces.


And you!!

And you!!!

I sat down and talked to a lot of people.

You, we were very close last time, but during Secondary 3, you said “You become close to me because i entered Johnnys right?”, do you remember?
I always wanted to clear the misunderstanding..

Totally cant remember. What had happened last time..
Well, i just remember i was always being said the opposite since i entered highschool.
I was being told people are close to me because i’m Johnnys.

Since then, many girls appeared in front of school gate, claiming to be waiting for their brother. It’s the first time where so many girls in front of boys school. Well, i asked them to leave so maybe you’re unaware of this.

Is it? Totally unaware of it.

Few years ago, you were taking drama at the place where XX is working at. He said you saw him but you totally ignore him, and he said you had totally changed (LOL)

Totally no impression of it. Hmm.. did i really changed?

Do you remember? I was with you when you were sending your profile to Johnnys.

I remember. It’s the crossroad of my life.
I can still remember the scene at family club.

“My mum was very happy for you. I’m your fan No.1”

My benefactor.

He has appeared.

He’s the one whom i’ve always wanted to meet.
(You can always contact him…)

That day, that time, that place.
He’s the only one with me.

There’s no way i can say thank you to him.

From 12 to 15 years old.

He’s the only one who know my “before that”, and “during that”.

There are many things which changed during Secondary 2, honestly, i cant remember well.

I’m very happy to meet again here.

This scene, where everyone was happily talking to each other, it has never changed afer 18 years.

Those who had been very close.
Those who are “so-so” close.
Those whom i never talked to.
Those whom i’m not good with them.

Well… it’s kinda weird to drink with these people whom i never think i would be.

“It’s not just a fake symbol or appearance that we’ve been together for 3 years (secondary school)”

That’s what i’ve been thinking on my road back home alone.

I’m glad to have attended. My Summer.

Sakurai Sho

He’s emotional, and so do i…
I’m not feeling touched after reading but just feel a bit sad…..

The following are my personal opinion, maybe i understand wrongly the Otonoha..
Maybe i’m over sensitive (as Sho wont post any negative story), so just read it and forget it :p

First, i really respect him as usual.
He’s top idol now and he still tries his best to attend any of the school gathering.. He has good friends in primary school, highschool, university and we often hear him mentioning those happy gatherings, so that sounds normal for him to attend, but in this case, he said he’s not very good with the classmates, so he doesnt feel like attending, and despite of that, he still try to make a short appearance…
Imagine if you’re not close to your friends and after being not connecting to each other for 18 years, would you attend any gathering? especially when you know you might meet someone whom you’re not good with them last time….
He’s an idol, his position might be awkward, although we would say idol=normal human, but still…… I can feel how much reluctant he was, but still he made it… I would have just turn down saying that i have to work (>_<) The reason why i'm feeling a bit sad is when he mentioned that he guess he wont feel good during the gathering. That means there are some unpleasant memories ne... And also when he mentioned that he was told that people are close to him because he was Johnnys... And those words/story which his classmates flashed back hurt me... i dunno how Sho feels about that, maybe nothing? since it was past tense story, but i can see many reflection on his young days... There must be many people around him saying that he's proud etc etc I dont think Sho is someone who will care for those (especially when he was young), but still.. hmmm...not feeling good (>_<) The only thing which i'm very happy is when i saw the word "BENEFACTOR" He's thankful to the friend who was together with him the 3 years, the one who was there when he was handing the application form to Johnnys. He said that's the crossroad of his life and he used the word "benefactor" to describe this friend, which means he never regrets being an idol! Feel so much relieved!!! And the last sentence, "I'm glad to have attended" Yokatta~~~~~~ p/s: Anyone realized, there's no "It's me" in the opening this time...

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6 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.129 2014.08.15”

  • Nik
    15 8月, 2014, 22:16

    Wah~ arigato for sharing
    just like you… i didnt feel touched but sad
    the way he’s telling the story
    so diff frm his previous otonoha
    he’s really open in this one…well he does like to share a lil bit of his life event
    i think its good telling his story….at least he’s letting go his some of his feeling which is really2 good
    to some maybe letting go is to open a new chapter

    PS: gomen if my story doesnt make sense ne~ hehe 🙂


  • sak
    16 8月, 2014, 0:42

    thanks for sharing every month!!
    I really enjoy reading his otonoha♡
    oh, and I wanted to ask you…
    is it possible for you to paste the original Japanese version?

  • Sharonchiu
    16 8月, 2014, 1:50

    Well… To be honest, I don’t feel good when reading OTONAHA this time. I couldn’t tell what feeling it is, but just feel unhappy. After reading ur opinions, I think maybe I just have the same feeling as yours. However, on the other side, well… I not sure if it may offend or infuriate anyone…. I have to say that I’m really a fan of Sho san, but normally when I read his words (whether its in Japanese or in other languages), I can see his happiness and cuteness in the words, but I just can not feel his “heart”. However, this time I do feel his “heart” through the words.
    It’s quite weird an emotion that during reading this, I feel bit depressed but suprised and excited at the same time. Happy to see his true feelings though and glad he felt happy for attending.

    Anyway, its just all about my feelings. Apilogize if I make anyone annoyed…
     As always, I would like to thank you for trasfering and sharing. Thank u so much.

  • Amivie Neski
    16 8月, 2014, 21:54

    Thank you for always translating for us..
    I don’t know what kind of feeling I should have when reading this. But I understand when you said you feel sad.Sometimes I also wonder, what will I do in this kind of situation in my life. If it was me I will also respond with ‘I can’t attend I have work. Sorry’. It’s good that he decided to go and get a new experience with it and be happy with it.I hope I can overcome my ‘dislikes’ with this kind of gathering too. 

  • Sartika
    18 8月, 2014, 12:36

    Thank you for always sharing Otonoha ^-^
    Its a long Otonoha I think >.<
    Its not a happy story but after reading this and reading your opinion, I am feeling sad too T^T
    Maybe if it was me,, not feeling well,, i dont attend school gathering -.-"
    But Sho different,, I seem to learn something new again from him ^_^
    Thank you for sharing this long otonoha from this month,, I really appreciate your kindness 🙂
    P/s: I not realized opening there not "its me" but "doumo" -.-"

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