Ohno sensei’s letter to the four

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As known, the Waku Waku for this year focus on friendship, 20 July is the friendship day in Japan declared by five senseis, according to them there are already many countries celebrating Friendship Day on 20 July, so they hope this will become a tradition in Japan too.

Ohno sensei’s lesson talked on five of them, and on Arashi on the final day.
He wrote letter to each member in each section, so after being too lazy (in fact is too busy) for a while, i’m translating the letter today, on this Friendship Day.

To Aiba

Do you remember, Aibachan. It was around 5 years ago, it happened after our 10th Anniversary Live. We went back to hotel and were supposed to gather in my room after that, and you arrived first. Aiba chan came in and said “Let’s drink”, so both of us start drinking before the other joined us. We were talking on ourselves, keep on saying that “10 years has passed ne~”, “Yokatta ne” and we began to flashed back on what happened these 10 years, and suddenly Aiba-chan cried out and said “I’m happy to have met Riida”…. Seeing this i cried out too, and both our heads are close to each other and we keep saying “It’s good to be Arashi” ne. And then… Sho-kun entered, he saw us crying and he was a bit dumbfounded. Well, now it’s a joke among us, but the moment when we were talking and crying together, i feel that our friendship deepens more. Aiba-chan, and also other members, thank you for always being together.

To Jun

Do you remember, Matsujun. Last year around April, we went for meal together after work. We planned to have chinese food but since there’re time, you stopped by at my house. When i asked “Coming in?”, you said “Yeah”, and i was a bit nervous. I feel a bit high tension when you get into my room. It’s my first time to let celebrities coming to my house. We went to Karaoke after that, but we did not even sing a song, in fact we were talking the whole time. I told Matsujun “It’s good to write diary”, and recently i see you writing diary, i’m happy. Matsujun, dont you feel that our friendship has deepend after the day when we talked till morning?

To Nino

Dear Nino. It was around 6 years ago, during Shanghai Live Tour. When i was lazying in my room Nino came in. Well, we decided to order room service then, but we could not read anything on the menu. It was a headache. We need to spend time till morning… Then we see English character on the menu , stated “noodles”, so we decided to order that. We just said we want “some noodles please” and the staff in charge just said “OK!”, YEAH !! Lucky !! But the noodles did not come even after waiting for 30minutes, 40 minutes… we feel strange… and suddenly the room bell is rang. We opened the door and the hotel staff is there with a plate of noodles, he was laughing (smiling) hard. Hmmmm… wonder what happened… Dont you think that our friendship has deepen after spending time hungry together in another country?

To Sho

Do you remember, Sho-kun. 1- years ago, Matsujun, Sho-kun and I, three of us played the musical “West Side Story”. Matsujun is playing the enemy character, so he was in another room, me and Sho-kun was always in the same gakuya room. It was so hard to believe, we always tend order the same menu. What i want to eat, Sho-kun also wanna eat, what Sho-kun wanna eat is also the thing i wanna eat, so we always ordered the same menu. The musical was one month, and throughout this one month, we were always eating the same food, sometimes we have 2 performance on a day, from 9am till night, we were always together. I always borrow shampoo and body soap from Sho-kun whenever i have shower. And we always listen to the same music, Disney Child during that period. Well, we almost do the same thing, use the same thing, everything is the same for the one whole month, normally people gets irritates easily in this condition, but it’s quite surprising that i dont feel so, i think i can live together with Sho-kun, we were like real brothers. We often joke about this, but i really feel that that one month has deepened our friendship. Sho-kun, and other members, thank you for being together always.

To Arashi

This was the one read on the last day of Waku Waku School, which i attended.

Title = The day when Arashi’s friendship was deepens.

Minna, do you remember?

The time when we first had our Asia Live Tour.

Our first Asia Tour was the day after Osaka Live tour, which we had three sessions on the day for 3 days continuously.
We went to the airport in car, and straight to Haneda. We changed our clothes in the hotel, and depart for Thai, Kora, and Taipei in private jet.It was really a tight schedule.
But, Me, Matsujun, Sho-kun, we need to give a one minute speech in each country, so we couldnt enjoy the private jet at all. We were trying to memorize the speech hard. And the “none-of-my-business” Nino and Aiba-chan keep on saying “sugoi-na~” and they seemed to be enjoying the private jet well.
We reached, and just before the actual press conference, the staffs suddenly came to me and checked on my speech, and he suddenly said “The word is wrong! It’s WRONG!”, and i was corrected. I already memorized the whole thing, and i was panic. It has been 8 years since the speech, but it still remains vividly in my mind. The word he corrected me is the word for “ganbarimasu” in Thai.
I somehow managed to complete my speech.
And i was really envious of the “none-of-my-business” Aiba-kun and Nino.
Well, i can talk like a joke now, but frankly, thank you for minasan for your help and encouragement that i managed to do it.
Thank you for being together always.
Arashi’s friendship, that’s forever!

After the touching letter, Sho suddenly said…. urm… the word for “ganbarimasu” in Thai should be “Payayan” and not “Payayayan” LOL
They laughed at him for memorizing the wrong words for so many years LOL

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10 Comments on “Ohno sensei’s letter to the four”

  • zydny
    21 7月, 2014, 2:21

    Happy Friendship Day! Thank you so much for sharing your friendship with us by sharing the words of the Arashi members with us. It makes me so happy that you are a friend to all of us who read your blog.

  • Mega
    21 7月, 2014, 12:54

    wuaaah their friendship 🙂 i love arashi because their friendship are too strong 🙂 kawai na~ hontou ni arigatou rie-san for your translation 🙂 you make the foreign arashi’s fans can understand their beautiful letter friendship from ohno-san. Ureshii na~ Otsukaresamadeshita 😀

  • Ariss
    30 7月, 2014, 13:43

    Ahh Sho-chan, he knew Thai word. WOW smart Sho as always ne. It’s so touch letters, Leader.

    Thank you for your translation.

  • cria
    30 7月, 2014, 23:25

    thanks for sharing this 😀
    eh is that Oh-chan’s handwriting in that letter?
    if yes, sugoi that’s so pretty and neat 😀 

    rei125 Reply:

    nope, it’s from magazine, printed letters

  • Mirashi
    20 8月, 2014, 20:58

    Hi! ~ Thank you for your translation. ^^ These memories are very precious.

    And I want to ask something. Can I translate them to Turkish, and sharing on my blog? ◠‿◠

    rei125 Reply:

    Yes, please include the link back here.
    Thank you

  • kitty
    25 8月, 2014, 21:25

    Thanks, this is so sweet!

  • Makoto
    3 3月, 2015, 1:08

    Arashi DAISUKI .. I loved everything about Arashi… Thanks for sharing 😉

  • Rafaela Lauzon
    30 1月, 2016, 22:08

    I am a new fun of ARASHI from Western Australia and I just fall in love with them. Everyday I watched their VS ARASHI tv show,only miss it when I am at work. I just couldn’t waiti for my order of JAPONISM

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