Otonoha Vol.127 2014.06.15

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Nowadays, updates are no more real time on the 15th orz..


It’s me.

Around one month ago, i got a mail from Fuku-chan from “For You” (“For You” is a group in Johnnys Jr, which means Fuku-chan is his junior)

“I’m holding concert, please do come.!”

I remember i said before when we met in “gakuya” in Tv Asahi.

“I’ll go if you hold concert one day”

Yeah, i remember the talk.

And since i recalled my words, i went.

Yeah, i’m decisive.

It’s the stage of a friend, whom we danced together at the back of sempai since childhood.

There’s no reason that i’m not going.


His dance was so good, and he created the dance step all by himself.

And his talk was interesting too.
And he said the program was all coordinated by himself too.
And the atmosphere in the live was very warm.

Yappari minna sugoi, really.

I feel that i cant stop my pace too.

(Hey you, you better stop lying on your sofa, get up stupid)
(HAHAHAHAHA, me imagining him on the sofa~~)

I really got a lot of motivation from him.


By the way, the other day..

Okura, Yasuda, Maruyama, Kato, Kitayama, i drank with these guys together.
(Kanjyani8, Kiss-My-Ft2, NEWS member)

(EH…?? RARE !!! ) ← The voice of whole Japan

I dunno why Maruyama appeared in tuxedo.

Ah~ It was fun.

OK, sayonara.

Sakurai Sho

As usual, friends here and there!!! LOL
And meetings with friend non stop 手 (チョキ)

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6 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.127 2014.06.15”

  • zydny
    21 6月, 2014, 4:56

    Thank you so much! You are very kind to share this with us. It makes me so happy.

  • Ekya-chan
    21 6月, 2014, 5:05

    Thank you:)

  • Amivie Neski
    21 6月, 2014, 14:27

    thank you so much… Sho is really a nice friends.. always has time for his friends..

  • 19 7月, 2014, 13:53

    Thank for sharing!! Sho’s inner voice comments are always funny XD
    I’m so glad he has got time to hang out with his friends (:

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