Otonoha Vol.125 2014.04.15

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Sorry….. i have been very lazy…
Too busy on the 15th on last month that i couldn’t update on the day, and eventually i’m feeling to lazy to write after that… especially when i dunno how many people are actually looking forward to this Otonoha translation..あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Now i read back the Otonoha last month, such a lovely and “shiawase” one, how could i just skip it?!!

Title = New year


The new year has just started.
Konnichiwa to everyone who just started your new semester, new school, new environment.

Ok, it’s a beginning for a new year.. and as for me..

Nothing changed.

The movie has been launched, and now everything seems to be settled down a bit.

So, i went to ski.

Well, nothing special about that though…

The weather was too good, so i feel like sharing it.

It was heavy snow fall before the ski day, but weather turned out sunny the next day.
I’m really a sunny guy, and everyone was happy.

(Everytime i’m there, it’s always sunny, ex during Kamisama no Karute filming and also the photo shooting for Casa BRUTUS magazine, and when the filming end, it rains. Arigato gozaimasu)

We had steamboat at the night…

Lay out our futon and slept together in a huddle.

It’s almost every year.

Every year we see the same scenery in front of us.

It was a very shiawase (happy) moment.

Well, that’s my story for the new year, nothing special, sumimasen.

As for Arashi, we learnt new dance for our song, took video for it.


My new variety will start tomorrow!

The staffs for this variety is the same staffs when i worked with during “Mayonaka no Arashi” around 10 years ago, when i was cycling in the midnight.

It was really fateful that we could work together after so many years ago, and i’m very happy.

9:45pm~ douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(___)m

OK, new year for 2014 !

Minasan, strive for it!

AZS !!

Sakurai Sho

Sho san~~~~
Happy to hear his story on his ski trip.
No matter how busy is he, no matter how hard loaded is he, he always never fail to go for this ski trip with his bunch of good friends. So happy to know that he enjoyed himself.
When can i see this kakkoii Sho in ski land ?

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10 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.125 2014.04.15”

  • inma
    15 5月, 2014, 1:46

    thanks a lot!!

  • chokoreito
    15 5月, 2014, 5:02

    i always look foward for Otonoha ne, thank you so much for always translating this

  • Amivie Neski
    15 5月, 2014, 9:44

    thank you so much!!

  • Michelle
    15 5月, 2014, 21:09

    Thanks 🙂

    I’m always looking forward to otonoha.

    I was wondering whether you would be able to post the japanese version as well since the meaning in japanese is sometimes difficult to bring across in english.

    いつも ありがとう!

    rei125 Reply:

    Thank you

    I used to post his message in japanese, but i’ve stopped doing that. Sorry.

  • zydny
    15 5月, 2014, 23:03

    Thank you! Thank you! I always look forward to reading your translation of Sho-san’s Otonoha.

  • viela nara
    16 5月, 2014, 1:00

    Thank you so much^.^ Vol. 126 have been published and that was so fun

  • kitty
    16 5月, 2014, 22:16

    Thanks! It is funny all the spaces he leaves, it’s good to see that he had a nice time

  • kitty
    16 5月, 2014, 22:17

    Thanks! It’s nice to see that he had a nice time, plus it’s funny how many spaces he leaves

  • Ekya-chan
    16 5月, 2014, 23:28

    Honto ni arigatou! Hope you can handle your bussiness and finish them all until next otohona:D We are always looking forward to read new posts and otnohas^^

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