Otonoha Vol.124 2014.03.15

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Ahhhhhhh long and sweet Otonoha tonight 黒ハート
I’m always extra “shiawase” when i learnt that he’s happy 黒ハート黒ハート

Title = Connection


It’s me.

Came back from Sochi, and now the movie will be lauched soon.


One day, when i was reading newspaper, i saw an article interviewing Okamoto Kenichi senpai (senior).

“Uwa…. i wanna watch it….” (He’s refering to stageplay by his senior)

And two days after i have the thinking.

I got a mail from Kenichi-kun.

“I wish that Sakurai, the guy who knows Japan, who knows the world can watch it, do feel free to come”
(Extraction from mail)

HAI !!!! FINALLY !!!!!

The “mutual love” is just too sugoi.

When i was having the same thought, the mail is here.

And i straight away checked out my schedule.

It was a direct invitation from my sempai whom i respect very much.
I cleared away all the thousand difficulties in front of me and went.


It was sugoi…

It was appalling. It was overwhelming.

There’s no word to describe.
Whatever i wrote will not be able to express it, in fact will make it sound so shallow, so i’m not going to elaborate more on this, but i was once again feel the repect to him.

And after the show.

At his “gakuya”, i was telling him my feeling and opinons while having “osake”
(Hey, he’s tired.. go back early! why are you still relaxing here,
this idiot..)

“Going for meal?”

He asked me!!


(The way i answered sound so excited as if being asked “Coming to my house?” LOL)

And he brought me for meal then…

And… he paid for it…
(Hey, you should be paying.. idiot)


I had a very nice time.

And this happened a few days later, he watched ZERO and mailed me on that, giving me some opinion.
I was really very happy.

And few days later.

By some chance i had lunch with Senga Kento. (Kiss My Ft2’s member)

Just when i wanna pay for the bill !!


It has been some time since my birthday, but that doesnt matter, that doesnt matter (He talked in the way of one comedian “そんなの関係ねぇ。そんなの関係ねぇ” LOL)




Well, it was not the first time i got birthday present from my kohai (junior) but.. i know him since child, before entering Johnnys Junior, i never expect the day that i would get a present from him.


Otosan is happy
(Hey, you’re not blood-relative to him)

Sempai (senior). Me. Kohai (junior)

The love is being connected ne.


Love being connected?


Kamisama no Karute 2

It’ll be on roadshow next week.

Shiku Yoro Onegaishimasu m(___)m

Sakurai Sho

Only one conclusion after reading this.
The same feeling after i watched yesterday’s PON.
He’s being loved by people around him.


And i’m feeling shiawase to know that too 黒ハート

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7 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.124 2014.03.15”

  • zydny
    16 3月, 2014, 5:14

    I loved reading this happy Otonoha! Thank you for translating.

  • Amivie Neski
    17 3月, 2014, 16:31

    he such a lucky person! and I’m happy for him! thank you so much for this!

  • ekya-chan
    5 4月, 2014, 21:34

    arigatou gozaimasu!! I’m a Turkish Arashist and love following your site. Even if your English isn’t perfect please continue sharing new things. Waiting to see you more active:) Love Arashi and Arashi Daisuki^^

  • zydny
    23 4月, 2014, 23:27

    I hope that you will continue to share Sho-san’s Otonoha with us. I want to read more about Arashi! Thank you.

  • viela nara
    24 4月, 2014, 6:28

    Thanks for your translating^.^ please continue for arashians Ganbare!!

  • ekya-chan
    9 5月, 2014, 23:14

    Ah, it’s gonna be 2 months where is our new otonoha… Go on translating kudasaii~

    rei125 Reply:

    I was busy when the otonoha was released last month.
    Will update soon.

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