Otonoha Vol.123 2014.02.15

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It’s me.
Back from Sochi temporarily.

I watched the opening ceremony for it, and i really feel very happy (“shiawase”) that i could be there.

Well, you wanna know how i spent my days at Sochi?

Just an example of one day there.

Interviewing Asada Mao during his training →
Interviewing at Olympic Part →
Interviewing Male Figure during training →
Interviewing Snowboard Slope Style at match tournament →
Interviewing Takanashi Sara →
Interviewing Ski Jump Male Normal Hill Preliminary Match →
Interviewing Female Mogul match tournament.

I tried to “jump” to every situation as i could to get the interview.

I have a sense of fullfilment. I feel very contented. SAIKOU !!

And in between, something which leaves me deep impression was the time when i was doing interview with Takanashi Risa.

I met Ogiwara Tsugiharu-san there.

Sakurai: “Konnnichiwa, Sakurai desu”
Ogihara-san: “Konnnichiwa. Thanks for coming here to report this”

He’s also a “caster” this time, same as me, but he thanked me for my trip.

Maybe that’s the “responsibility” he was bearing on ski tournament.

When i saw him, i could feel that it’s not only the players who are actually taking part in the tournament, it covers a lot of people who are connected to the game, and i could feel their enthusiasm and love towards the game.


The game is not over yet. Many matches coming on.

And me, going back there soon.


Sakurai Sho

The “Paka!!” is the word (pronunciation) in Russia meaning “Jyane~” (See you)
Sho-chan, tired schedule, but i’m sure you’re excited to be there.
Do enjoy yourself despite that’s your job~
I’m sure his next concern is Asada Mao’s figure skating.
Waiting for your report and all your interviews!
気を付けていってらっしゃい!(Bon voyage, have a nice trip!)

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