SexyZone Kikuchi Huuma mentioned on Sho

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I guess most people already know that SexyZone’s member Kikuchi Huuma’s most favorite “sempai” (senior) is Sho.
He respects Sho and admires him very much, so he wants to follow Sho’s step, getting into university despite being an idol.
He managed to get into Keio University last year, which was same as Sho (although different campus) and he always hope to have meal with him.
Yesterday he updated his diary (similar to Sho’s Otonoha) and he mentioned on Sho.

Here’s translation of part of his diary (only the part related to Sho)

Oh yes,
I have an important news to announce.

My most respected sempai, Sakurai Sho-kun brought me out for meal!!

Finally this day is here.

Nervous… and Kikuchi being shy all the while LOL

We talked a lot on work and how to handle both work and study at the same time.
He talked a lot to me, and listened to me. And through this i gained a lot of confidence to be myself.
Yappari he’s a very nice guy.
Much much more than how i thought he is.

And the meal was delicious too!

It was just like a dream time for me!
Thank you!


I’m proud to say that i’m Sho’s fan!!!

I’m very happy when Huuma said Sho’s much nicer than he expected him to be.
Ahhhh… daisuki!!泣き顔泣き顔泣き顔

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  • 14 2月, 2014, 2:20

    Hello ! How are you ? Thank you for all those translation and informations about Arashi, actually I’m following you for a long time…and I will go back to Japan next week for more than 1 year, and I was wondering, if maybe we could talk about Arashi and maybe do meeting in Tokyo =). I’m in the Fan club too~ By the way I think I have a thing for Ohno-san ♥ But I love everyone !

    rei125 Reply:

    Hi, sorry for replying late (><) Welcome to japan! (or back to japan?) I'm not very used to meet up with fans... kinda shy as i'm not young gal LOL

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