Otonoha Vol.122 2014.01.15

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Very busy…あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
But it’s the first Otonoha of 2014, updating is a must!!

Sho in Hokkaido on last Sunday

Title = Happy New Year


It’s a bit late happy new year though.

It’s me.

This year yoroshiku onegaishimasu too.

Year end’s Kouhaku, and lots of variety at the beginning of year, have you watched it?

To those who watched it realtime,
To those who watched it through recording,
And to those who didnt manage to watch all of them due to long hours,
Arigato gozaimasu at once.

How did you spend your new year?


I started drinking since daytime.

Eating new year food.

Giving out pocket money to relatives.

And fall asleep in between.

And Arashi’s program started when i was sleeping.

Woke up and watched it, drink again.

The so-called

【THE! SHOUGATSU!!】 He wrote in english! LOL meaning The New Year

Congratulations to myself for doing so many things at once.

It’s only less than one month before Sochi Olympic.

I went to Hokkaido last Sunday.

I interviewed Okabe player at Hokkaido 4 years ago, but it’s the first time i saw this white silver jump stand.

The scene of human “flying on the blue sky” is amazing.

(By the way, when i was doing interview at Okurayama Jump Stand 4 years ago, Takanashi Sara player were there too. History has changed in 4 years)

Here’s the jump stand at Miyanomori last Sunday.

It was really sugoi. It was really high.


Year 2014.

Together with Olympics, the promotion for “Kamisama no Karute 2” is going to start.

Roadshow on 21 March.

There’s no time to slow down.

Do continue to yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(___)m

…… Feel like gong to ski…..

Sakurai Sho

I’m so happy to hear that he can “laze around” and drink at home during this new year holiday. At least he’s giving himself a break! LOL (Maybe not enough leave break for travelling? )
Imagination starts to run wild 黒ハート黒ハート黒ハート

And he looks soooooooooooooooooooo good in last week Hokkaido’s live report!!!

I think he looks like the time where he was the cover for H magazine, the time he took the shooting at New York~

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  • lemon
    16 1月, 2014, 2:45

    so handsome! thanks for updating during these busy days 🙂

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