Arashi ni Shiyagare & Kaibutsukun Exhibition

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Queue inside Nittere Building for each pavillion

Went to Nittere Matsuri (NTV Summer Festival) at Shiodome today.
My main target is Arashi ni Shiyagare pavillion and Kaibutsu-kun World Exhibition.
Kaibutsu-kun (Leader’s drama) movie version will be on screen on Leader’s birthday 26 Nov!
It’s going to be Leader’s festival after Sho’s !

I hate queuing but when it comes to Arashi event, I had no other choice but to queue,queue and queue…
Waiting time was around 70mins when I reached there (for Arashi ni Shiyagare corner). Phew….. felt so relieved… u know, I queued 3.5 hours for their concert items… some even queued 7 hours..
So, 70minutes is not a big deal… 😀
Luckily I just need to queue outside for 15minutes, and queue continued inside Nittere Building which is air-conditioned!!

Arashi ni Shiyagare Pavillion

Finally reaching Arashi ni Shiyagare corner

Heading to Arashi ni Shiyagare Pavillion

Although it is called Arashi ni Shiyagare “PAVILLION”, but it’s actually a very small space with two big panels of them *LOL*
Yeah, i know the situation before i went, so i wasn’t surprise at all, if you’re hoping for anything special, I guess you will be very very dissapointed then..

Arashi ni Shiyagare Board

Inside Arashi ni Shiyagare Pavillion

Everyone is allowed to sit on the chairs while the staff took pictures for you.
But there is one condition….. ie.. the staff will shout “Arashi ni…” and you got to shout “SHIYAGARE!!” It’s so funny *LOL*
Oh yeah, when you go into the small room, the staff will announce loudly “Aniki guest is here”, and music will be played.. It’s totally same as the situation in the variety, you’ll know what i mean if you watched the show before.

Arashi panels

The space itself is very very small… and with staff taking pictures for every visitors, it’s almost hard to take photos inside.

That's the whole "pavillion"..

Nino & Leader

Sho, Aiba, Jun

Five of them

Kaibutsu-kun World Exhibition
Waiting time for Kaibutsu-kun World Exhibition was only 10mins when I came out of Shiyagare pavillion!!

Kaibutsu-kun World Exibition Booth, much bigger than Shiyagare

Tv is set on the wall of the booth and Kaibutsu-kun movie’s trailer and Leader’s news on “Kaibutsu-kun slider” is being played.

Leader looks so cute!

Nice shot of Leader!

Leader looking at the big kaibutsu-kun slender

Kaibutsu-kun poster

Kaibutsu-kun is back!

Coming this 26 November, Leader's birthday!

Kaibutsu-kun World Exhibition shows a lot of photos on the movie and also the costumes the artists wore. Costumes were displayed on mannequin, I felt as if I’ve saw Kaibutsukun (Leader) standing there! *LOL*
Unfortunately photos are not allowed…… 🙁
I begin to look forward to this movie after visiting this exhibition.
This movie was shooted in India, scenery and atmosphere is so much different from the drama.
There are 2D and 3D version of this movie… alright, I’m not going to watch 3D… I get headache… I hate 3D… 🙁

Photos are only allowed at the following section.
Same as Shiyagare, staff will help you take photos, they will shout “Kaibutsu-kun!” and you got to shout “Saikou” (meaning “GREAT”) *LOL*

The only section where photos are allowed

Another angle

The jumbo Kaibutsu-kun slider is on B1 floor. It’s always full of people, long long queue, many children are queuing to slide it.. It looks empty in my photo because photo was taken after 6pm, the event has ended.

Kaibutsu-kun slider. Picture taken from 2F of building through glass windows

Kaibutsu-kun slider

Oh yeah, i saw another Shiyagare poster outside Nittere shop. Nittere shop sells items on their own dramas/varieties, unfortunately no Arashi ni Shiyagare items, well, as expected :p

Shiyagare poster outside Nittere shop

No merchandise for Shiyagare, but you can find Nino’s GANTZ merchandise, clear folder sets(2pcs), handphone strap, ball pens, sharp pens, towel etc.
And also kaibutsu-kun’s merchandise, tshirts, badge, stickers.
As usual, I’m willing to accept request for these items, so do feel free to contact me if you want them.
These items are only sold in Nittere Shop.

Sample of GANTZ merchandise : clear folder set (2pcs)

Sample of GANTZ merchandise : clear folder set (2pcs). It's both different clear folder, the GANTZ ball is complete when you place them together.

Sample of Kaibutsu-kun merchandise: Stickers and badge

That’s all~

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