New Year Card 2014 from Arashi

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Thanks for everyone who visits this blog for the past year.
I need a lot of time to write, so eventually i’m not updating that often, but i feel happy when there are many comments and likes everytime i post up a new thing. It’s so “ureshii” and encouraging あっかんべー
Arigato gozaimasu !

This year, we received new year card from five of them!!!

KYAAAAAA with message 黒ハート

Itsumo arigato (Thank you everytime)
Let’s enjoy this year together.
2014 yoroshiku !!
Matsumoto Jun

As other member said, Jun’s writing is very kawaii.
His handwriting is very “丁寧” (neat) ne. And his typical way to write exclamation mark~

Happy new year!!
Year 2014 has started ne.
Let’s sprint 100million H.P this year!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Hihin!! ← the “sound” of horse, as this year is Horse’s year
Sakurai Sho

Kyaaaa~~~ being able to see Sho’s “謹賀新年” (Happy new year) is a pleasure~
His new year message always start with this typical type of greeting, a bit too “stiff” and yet casual.

Itsumo arigato desu! (Thank you always!)
Let’s make it a SAIKOU year this year too!
Ohno Satoshi

Akemashite omedetou! (Happy new year)
2014 yoroshiku ne (^^)
Hmmm.. let’s make it an enjoyable year for minna…
Let’s make it!! (LOL) Yes !! (LOL)
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Ninomiya kazunari

Akemashite Omedetou gozaimasu!! (Happy new year)
Hope to make 2014 a year more enjoyable to all of you compared to last year!!
Aiba Masaki

AHHHHH Aiba’s horse is so cute!!!!!
Somebody surfed for “Horse Illustration” on net and saw a lot of illustration on horse.
Maybe Aiba-chan surfed on net too when drawing? :p

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9 Comments on “New Year Card 2014 from Arashi”

  • Artsie
    1 1月, 2014, 19:39

    Thanks for the translation!
    Wish you a very happy new year :)

  • Erika
    1 1月, 2014, 20:04

    Thank you for this. They all look so nice and the messages are so cute ^_^ Happy new year to you!

  • Amivie Neski
    1 1月, 2014, 20:07

    thank you so much!! 
    I wish you a happy new year!! wish you have a great one!!

  • wen
    1 1月, 2014, 20:46

    this is so cute! XDD thank you! Have a happy new year! :D  

  • Paradee
    1 1月, 2014, 23:26

    Thanks for share this cute New Year Card to us. and Happy new year 2014 to you too.

  • Kitty
    2 1月, 2014, 10:50

    Happy new year to you too!
    The card is adorable, thanks for translating, I love Aiba-chan’s horse

  • zydny
    3 1月, 2014, 1:31

    I wish you a very happy new year! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • 3 1月, 2014, 5:00

    Thank you for the translation ! It’s a pleasure to understand what they said *-*

  • Neena
    17 11月, 2016, 16:47

    Thank you for the translation, the year after this, 2015, they did not give a new year card, but they give again in the 2016. I am wondering if they only give this new year’s card on even year like maybe 2018 and 2020. LOL.

    Also, if you don’t mind answering, does Japan Post sell a big box that can fit Jumbo Uchiwa? Or should I get it from a shop? Thank you.

    I hope you will enjoy Are You Happy.

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