How much do you know Arashi?

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This is the time to test how much you know them!!
This picture was posted during LOVE Nagoya dome, before concert starts, sorry, i thought i’ve uploaded but now when i looked back i cant find the article, so i guess i did not at all LOL
OK, can you guess which hand is whose?? Guess before you read the answer!

Actually it’s a bit hard to guess because cant see the fingers and nail…
If can see the finger and nail, i can 100% recognize Sho, Nino & Ohno!!! Jun and Aiba’s fingers looks similar.. :p
So, just guess and see how many you got it correct…

My guess is..

For Sho, i’m 100% SURE !!!!! The thumb is his ♡♡♡
As for Nino, i chose this because the other three nail doesnt look like his LOL
So, i guess the one which cant see the finger and nail is Nino LOL
As for the other three, which is always similar, i really cant differentiate.

OK… the answer is here tonight…
This is actually a very long talk after the concert.
They talked on this tonight, and they cant even remember themselves LOL
Sorry, i have no time today, so I’m only translating this hand part.


I’m the one wearing black bracelet. Last time i uploaded one similar scene during concert ne, i think that was at Nagoya too
I’m this one! (Pointing to the one 2nd from right)
(Looking hard)…. Hmm…. cant be too sure
Maybe can differentiate from clothes or shoes ?
Hmmm.. still dunno (LOL) The one left is mine then (LOL)
I think i’m the one on top!
Looks like Sho-chan you ?
Iya, the top is me
Not me ?
Aiba-kun is this one. The one in the middle. Iya…. yappari the top is Sho-chan! I’m the one on the left!
This is me ya..
How about the one last time? I’m the one on top
(Jun showing picture)

(Arashi looking at photo very hard)

(Anyone wanna guess before reading answer? :p)

This is me! (The 2nd from left)
You can even recognize even if the nails are not seen (LOL)
Is it hard to recognize without seeing nail
This is Sho-chan dana, maybe (the one at the right)
The thumb is mine ne
This is Aiba-kun desho, the 2nd from right. And this is me (the 3rd from right)
Sugoi-na! Nino!!

LOL !!!

So how many you guessed correctly ???

I’m kyaaaaaaaa-ing becase i guess correct Sho’s!! And the reason is same as what he said himself !!! His thumb !!!!

So, summarizing their talk, the answer should be like this.

Yatta~~~~~~ Sho and Nino all correct!!
How about you? あっかんべー

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4 Comments on “How much do you know Arashi?”

  • 23 12月, 2013, 1:15

    Jun (all pictures) and Nino (second picture)
    Jun has very distinctive thumbs, they are really easy to be recognized xD.

  • huahahaha
    23 12月, 2013, 10:04

    lol..i guess it right XD
    i think it just my luck XD

  • nuala
    5 1月, 2014, 20:20

    stumbled over this post and I remembered I used to read a lot of your posts (yosh!) will start reading again 🙂
    surprisingly my guesses are right.
    I don’t recognize Jun’s fingers at all but I know him by the presence of cool accessories hahaha!
    I recognize Riida’s fingernails usually and Sho’s thumb.

    thanks for this!

  • 6 1月, 2014, 19:23

    lol only my nino’s are correct XD

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