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I posted this in facebook, but just for my own reference, i’m copying the same thing here again :p

Sho’s ending speech on today’s final LOVE tour 2013.12.22.
He always thanks fans, staffs etc in his speech but this time he talked on Arashi (T_T) And Nino replied on this… (T_T)

Japanese words are combination from several reports, there are many reports and everyone uses different words, i am not there, so i cant be sure 100% of the wordings, but the meaning and content is the same.

昨日1年半ぶりに5人だけで飲みました。今までの色んなことと嵐のこれからについてたくさん話しました。ちなみに1年半前も僕が誘ったんですけどね。(会場笑)なんで笑うんですかww いや、2時間ちょっとぐらいかな、たくさん話したんだけど、皆の口から出たのは、5人が嵐を大好きってこと。たぶん皆より俺ら5人の方が嵐が好きです。負ける気がしません!これから変わらず15年、20年と続けて行きたいです。それくらい嵐が大好きです。僕たちに負けないようにたくさん愛してください。もう一度言います!負ける気がしません!!うそうそ、みなさんも愛してくださり感謝しています。

Yesterday five of us drank together, only five of us. The last time we drank together was one and a half year ago. We talked a lot on what happened all these years, and also about Arashi’s future. By the way, i’m the one who initiated for drink this time and also last time (Audience laughed) Why are you laughing ? LOL iya~ we had a talk for around 2 hours. We talked a lot but we ended up at the same conclusion, five of us love Arashi very much. I think five of us love Arashi more than you all. Our love is no less than you all. I dont think we’ll lose!!! We will continue going on for 15 years, 20 years, so much as we love Arashi. Dont lose to use, give us your love. And i repeat again, our love to Arashi is no less than you all !! Uso uso… thank you for loving us.

His speech is so emotional. I wasnt there, i can just feel it from wordings (>_<) Recently he talks more on Arashi's future, hmmm... i dunno how to express it, he always thanks people around them in speech, but recently he keeps on saying dunno what will happen in future etc etc.. Maybe they're going for some changes? Or hoping for some changes? Or i think too much LOL Anyway, his speech tonight was so touching one.. Daisuki (T_T)

Hearing Sho’s speech, Nino replied..

As Sho-san mentioned, five of us drank together yesterday. I told them “I love all of you, i’m happy as long as everyone is happy. I still don’t have friend even though i’m 30. As long as five of us can be in good relation either during Arashi work or besides work, that’s enough for me”. Well this might sound irresponsible to everyone who support us, but that’s my honest feeling.

Ahhhhh…. Arashi daisuki 泣き顔

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3 Comments on “Touching ending speech LOVE final Fukuoka”

  • Daiana
    22 12月, 2013, 23:04

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    Thank you Rei-san for sharing this! it’s really touching. Nino’s reply made me cry. Every year we are privileged witnesses of how their bonds get stronger and I hope it will continue. It makes me feel so proud of them. And I will never get tired of loving Arashi as a whole and members as individuals. 

  • Polly
    23 12月, 2013, 16:21

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    Thank you for translation msg from Sho & Nino. That’s touch my heart a lot. love 5 of them so much. Thanks God to have them in this world.

  • zaizai
    30 12月, 2013, 23:49

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    Waaaa i loved it…nino’s words are touching , i love that they really love each other ^^

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