Rare incident happened on Sho-chan

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Today, 2013.12.20 is the first day of LOVE concert at Fukuoka.
And my friend who managed to get into Fukuoka Dome sent me this very cute report on what happened to Sho today…

Sho and the other members were supposed to take flight on 10am to Fukuoka today but he was late and missed the flight due to overslept…
He said when he woke up, it was already 10am… so he just phoned his manager. They went to the airport after that but airport staffs told them, “It’s Arashi’s concert today, so all flights are full….”
Luckily there’re 2 cancelation at last minute, so he together with his manager managed to reach Fukuoka in time for concert…
The whole aircraft was waiting for “2 passengers” and the flight was a bit delay actually… and the “2 passengers” were him and his manager LOL

During the MC talk, they were talking on this.
(Japanese wordings are reports collected from several sources)

Sho appologized in the MC opening talk for being late.
嵐の皆さん、今日は遅刻してすみませんでした! 今朝10時の飛行機で飛ぶつもりが、10時に起きた櫻井。ひとり遅れて福岡入りした
Arashi no minasan, sorry for being late today! I was supposed to take the flight on 10am, but i woke up at 10 am.. So i came to Fukuoka alone

I was shocked too, i was in the car with manager, just when we passed by the first traffic light, he suddenly asked me to get down. Eh..? My house is not near airport, it’s still around 30-40mins distance..Why? i asked him.. and he was very panic and said “Sakurai-san didnt answer my phone call”

I was shocked too

He has been trying to call you for one hour!
(referring to manager)

But human is sugoi ne.. when i realized that time has passed by the time i woke up, i was calm. Ahh… i did it.. that’s what came into my mind.. and i was wondering what should i do

Iya… not wondering, get out quick!

Everyone is already on the way!!

It’s amazing that you still can get into the next flight

ね!それがさ!飛行機かろうじて取れたんだけど、全部埋まってたの!空港行っても「あ〜、嵐のコンサートでお席埋まってるんですよ〜 誰かがキャンセルしてくれたおかげで来れましたありがとうございます!! もちろん遅れた俺が悪いんだけどね!でもなんとか乗れて、取れたのよチケットが、でも後ろとか見たら嵐ファンの女性の方沢山いて
Ne! It was really a slim chance. All seats were full and when i reached the airport, the staffs said all flights were full due to Arashi’s concert… And luckily someone cancelled and i managed to come!! Thank you!! Of course it’s my fault to be late, but anyway i managed to get into the flight… and the ticket seat which i got it.. all behind me are female fans…

携帯バイブにしてて気付かなかったの!でもね!これマネージャーに言わないって思ってたの。言い訳になるから。でも俺が悪かったから、とにかくあやまらないかんと思って、マネージャーに謝りに行ったんですよ 「ごめんね、携帯マナーモードにしてて」って言ったら、『櫻井さん家はインターホンもサイレントなんですか?って言われた・・
My handphone was in silent mode, so i did not realize it. BUT! i think i shouldnt tell this to manager because it sounds like an excuse, but afterall it was my fault and i think i should appologize, so i just told him “Sorry, i set my handphone in manner mode..” and he said… “Sakurai-san’s, your home interphone is also in silent mode??”


AHHHHHHH it’s hard to believe the perfect Sakurai Sho getting late…
Phew… luckily he still can get all the way to Fukuoka… or else i cant imagine what will happen..
If concert is to be delay (which is almost impossible because Monday is ZERO day…), or cancelled… i guess he will be scolded and he’s going to blame himself so much…

I know he switched his handphone to manner mode when sleeping, but i heard he has a lot of alarm clock..
Even he missed one, he should be able to get up with several alarm clock ringing.. it’s not his style to being late in any event.
Too tired…? (°口°;)
But guess he must have slept well, human normally sleep better if they overslept isnt it?

There’s another thing which i’m concerned is………
Actually someone offer me the ticket to tonight’s Fukuoka concert 2 days ago…
I turned down her offer because i need to work…
I did not turn down, i dont think i can get the air ticket in last minute, so i think i will be put under waiting list…
Which means… if the 2 passengers cancel their reservation, i will be informed first, definitely before Sho since i’m already in the waiting list…
Which means… there left only 1 seat….
Manager or Sho…
Of course manager will let Sho go Fukuoka first…
which means…………………………………………
I might be the one sitting next to Sho ?!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHHAAHA i know it’s impossible, as i dont think i will agree to go to Fukuoka if being put under waiting list..
Everything is just too close and yet too far….泣き顔

Ahhhhh…. Sho-chan daisuki ♡
Something imperfect in a perfect guy, that’s what make me love him more… KYAAAAAA~~~

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