Otonoha Vol.121 2013.12.15

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Last Otonoha for year 2013.
いつもありがとう♡ (Thank you always)

Title = 2013


It’s me.

Left only 2 weeks for year 2013.

Filming for “Kamisama no Karute 2”
Start of “Ima kono kao ga sugoi”
Filming for “Kazoku Game”
12 hours live for “THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku no chikara”
Roadshow of movie “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”

I feel very fruitful even when just looking back at my personal work, and it was a very meaningful year.

Well, i think i have said this every end of year, when my work is full and fruitfull, it means you all must be very tough too.
(一般論 = Generalities)
Sho-chan yasashii… he’s always aware that we’re always there to support him whatever he do ><

Otsukaresama deshita for both of us.
Next year, hope to get your support more. (どうぞ今年以上によろしくお願いいたします)
(Sound so impudent..)

Well, topic change.

It was about a month ago.

I brought my parents to Tokyo Dome for concert.

And when we were in the taxi going back home, the taxi driver spoke to me after i hang up my phone talking to friend.

Driver : “… So?”

Sakurai : “… Hai ? ”

Driver : “Arashi’s not going to do concert in dome this year?”

BuooohhH! ←What’s this sound sho-chan?!!! LOL I think he meant burst out laughing (ぶっっっふぉっ!!)
(°口°;) ←HAHAHAHAH he likes this expression

Natural !!!

The tone was too natural!!!

Sakurai: “Ahh… yeah, we will. Hmm.. it’s the 2nd week of December”

Driver: “Ah, sou! I see, within the year ne”

…. That’s all ?
The end ??

The end…??

I almost thought that he’s one of my friends last time the way he talked to me. Too natural…


Tokyo Dome, the place i went there as an audience one month ago, today i’ll be standing there.

It is a very unbelievable feeling.

Unbelievable. (摩訶不思議)


Tokyo final.

I’m going to LOVE it.

And i’m loving it.

Sakurai Sho

Sho going concert with parent~~
Ahhh……….. what a filial son 😥

OK, one month ago in Tokyo Dome…
Let’s check what concert he watched with his parents… hee heee hee…

Event in Tokyo Dome for the past one month.

10.26 SMTOWN/Boa, Toho Shinki, Super Junior etc concert
11.08 Kanjyani8 concert
11.10 Kanjyani8 concert
11.16 Kiss-My-Ft2 concert
11.19 Paul McCartney concert
12.04 BON JOVI concert

So, from the above information of concert hold in Tokyo Dome around one month ago..
Could it be Paul McCartney’s concert ??
Dont think Sho will bring his parents for Kanjyani8 or Kiss-My-Ft2 concert.. and he listens to a lot of western music, so could it be this one? (ノ≧∇≦)ノ

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  • zydny
    17 12月, 2013, 7:01

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    Thank you! Being able to read Sho-chan’s Otonoha always makes me smile.

  • Angela
    18 12月, 2013, 1:38

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    Always a pleasure to read your translations and posts. Thank you! and Merry Christmas!
    (My guess is Paul McCartney’s concert :)) Cheers!

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