It’s An-An release date today!

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Yeah !!! It’s An-An Release date today !! 2011.08.17 !!
Of all the magazineSSSSSS featuring Sho lately, I’ve chose to get this An-An the moment I saw the cover!!
See, dun you find that Sho is looking straight at you? Kyaa~~~~~~ ♥
I can stare at this cover for hours..?? yabai~~ 😳

An-An 2011/08 featuring Sakurai Sho

An-An’s photographer definitely knows Sho’s best angle! Every picture of him is sooooooooo perfect!
I’m sure when I mention An-An, the first thing that comes to every Sho lovers is the “semi-nude” photos An-An took for him in Jan 2010. Those photos are a breakthrough for Sho, but I personally love this series more !

I'm melting... *LOL* (oops, the one at right bottom, looks like the eyeliner is a bit too dark? LOL)

The part that I like most in him is his arm (*^o^*) Love to see him in short sleeves~

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