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Finally the long awaited DVD is here.
It’s my first time buying such an expensive DVD-BOX !! (Normally i wait for second hand :p)
But i really love Sho’s this Yoshimoto sensei’s character, and wanna watch the making of it.

First edition comes with booklet.
Urm… frankly speaking, the booklet was “normal” あせあせ (飛び散る汗) I think it should be included in all editions not only the first one..
Only shots of Kazoku Game scenes.

Sho’s interview was done after the crank up for last scene, ie the following one, inside the forest with Shin-ichi kun.

It really ends in a blink of eyes, i think it was because it was really fun, and i really enjoy filming and the drama itself. When i read the script at home, i keep on thinking on how to express Yoshimoto’s word, and the thinking time was fun.

Sho cranked in on March 2013.

Crank in

His first scene was the tough screaming scene in the forest, the first scene in Episode 1.

Walking into the forest, looked at the camera with the usual bright smile (≧◡≦)~♥

First, it’s rehearsal for the scene, but he’s already putting so much emotion into it…

The director looked so near at him while he’s rehearsalling for the scene..
Sugoi….. i wouldnt be able to act in front of so many people… ok, that’s why i’m not an artist though.. :p
Sho-chan… taihen….

Expression after the rehearsal..

And take for real after rehearsal.

Sho took many times for this scene because the camera need to take from different angle.
So he shouted and screamed and shouted and screamed for many times…. 泣き顔

After taking for many times, then he said himself… “This is taihen…”

Looking at him laughing after the hard scene made me feel releaved (≧◡≦)~♥

And once again i mentioned… this screen was taken many times!!
So… after laughing, he continue screaming again…ORZ

Seeing Sho shouted so loudly, the director shouted very loud for stopping also, he said “CHECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK”
And Sho was shocked, and laughed and said “Uso desho..” HAHAHAHAHAHAH
And then he said softly that the director’s voice’s too loud, even louder than him, in fact he has tried his best… HAHAHAHA

Normally during crank up, i went and meet the other casters happily and said “yoroshiku onegaishimasu” but this time i cranked in myself, and it’s a bit lonely, with this trees and forest around me (LOL)

Before i cranked in, i received 2 pages of document about Yoshimoto’s past, ie Tago Yuudai, so i know that Yoshimoto Kouya’s motive of being Yoshimoto. It’s my first time to play 2 roles, i try to show Tago’s expression at the appropriate timing. In the 1st episode when he said “現実はお前が思ったよりよっぽど残酷なんだ” (The reality is much cruel than you expect), he actually showed Tago’s expression. Well, it’s fun to act Yoshimoto Kouya, but sometimes you need to show Tago’s expression in between, or fully like in episode 9, it’s really my first time to try it, it was tough and yet interesting.

The scene with the phrase is the following, the climax in Episode 1. Have you seen through that it’s Tago’s expression?

I dunno what’s the impression (image) about others on me, but i hope that this is a role for a change, maybe people can have different image on me. The response was quite big actually. It’s my first time, ahh.. maybe not first time though, my friend said he forgot to record and asked me to lend him the DVD, hmm… and this actually happened many times.

Topic changed to the popular phrase in this drama “Iine~”

But in actual, there’s another popular phrase among the casters.

It’s “hooaai” , it’s the scene with Shige-chan, the script wrote “Hai” but director suddenly changed it, he said the recording team is good at pronouncing it and asked them to demonstrate (LOL)

Urm, “hooaai” is pronouncing “Hai” in a lazy way, the way Shige-chan replied to Yoshimoto sensei.

This’s the scene where the word starts.

When director said the recording team is good at pronouncing it and asked them to demonstrate, Sho was laughing there… LOL AHHHHHH KAWAII !!!!

After hearing the demonstration, he laughed again even more loudly this time HAHAHAHAH

And you know this guy, once he starts laughing, he often cant stop…
And eventually… he’s on the bed… and then laughed rolling there.. HAHAHHAHA

And then during that cut, Shige-chan tried hard to pronounce it so hard, and director said “You’ve tried too hard, as if just to say it out”, and Sho laughed again… ahhhh you always bright up my day with your laughter !!!

Ever since that cut, whenever he wanted to answer “Hai”, he will say it lazily.. “hoaaii…” HAHAHAH

First time meeting with other Numata Family members.
It’s the scene in episode 1.

The atmosphere was really very good, Sato director knows how to handle the atmosphere, full of laugher. As for Numata family, in the restroom, Itao-san slept on the sofa, Honami san was looking at them from another corner, the other two brothers were playing with their handphone in the middle, i just feel that they really looked like a real family.

They were taking the scene in Episode 1 where Yoshimoto Sensei just reached Numata family, and Shige-chan appeared in computer box on his head.

Shige-chan was a bit scared because he cant see the stairs, so he walked very cautiously.
Then director asked him “can you please walk like a robot, in not such a dangerous way?”

AHHHHHHH look at the way Sho sit during discussion!!!!

After the director asked Shige-chan to walk like robot, Sho quickly called up Shige-chan, lead him to the stairs, and taught him how to walk. He asked Shige-chan to count on the steps he’s going to walk so that he can roughly know when he’s reaching the floor. He told him, by counting and practising, he should be able to get used to it. Sho-chan yasashii!!!!!!!!!! 黒ハート He’s even more yasashii because he added one more word “yeah, it’s kowai ne”,it shows he’s trying to put himself in the same shoes, and let Shige-chan knows that everyone understand that it’s not easy. I’m sure Shige-chan will feel much easier after listening that.

Shige-chan then practised on his own, and after a few times, he said “Ah! i’ve got used to it!” See his happy face ! heehee

And during the actual take, everything goes smoothly and director praised Shige-chan, he was so happy!

There are many action scenes in Kazoku Game.

Yappari many action scenes with Shin-chan. Kamiki-kun was sasuga, i was the one who’s doing the punching and he’s the one who need to act being punched and painful, and he’s really good at it, everytime i’m really impressed.

But of all the action scenes, the one which is most shocking for him is the one when then real Yoshimoto sensei falls down on the stairs.

This scene was actually done by a stuntman, during rehearsal, he didnt really fall down, but just demonstrate the route he’ll be rolling down. Sho’s face was like “unbelievable…are you really going to do that??” after hearing his demonstration LOL

During the real take, he really fall (roll) down from top of the stairs till bottom.
And after the take, Sho looks so “restless” LOL
He said “i definitely will not be able to do that…” and everyone laughs LOL

Even after the take, he still cant believe it and keep on talking about it to the other director LOL
He said by looking only at the on air, audience will definitely thought that it’s Oshinari-kun (the guy who act as Yoshimoto)

Iya, that one was really sugoi. It was really kowai… (Q: That expression was acting?) My shocking expression? Of course it’s acting..HAHAHHA

The second picture above is the part when he said “Of course!” HAHAHHAHA

Then the DVD shows the making of the part where Numata family destroying their house. Sho was not in the scene, but he reached there together with other casts, and he looked so kakkoii with V-neck!!!!!!!

The staff chose 3 scenes which they think is the toughest.

3rd tough: The chasing part in front of school

Shige-chan ran away half way and Sho has to run and try to catch him.
Since early in the morning Sho and Shige-chan was running non stop, during rehearsal, during camera check, non stopping..

Resting, checking monitor

Sho said Shige-chan was really fast, he couldn’t catch up with him LOL

Well, it’s shy to say this, i went to gym twice a week, and even cycling, i checked on the power and keep on level-ing up, and i think i’m maintaining myself quite well, but i really cant beat a 14 years old boy!! I was so shocked, he was really fast.

2nd tough: The raining scene at the shrine

It was drizzling on the day, but to make it looks more real, they use fake rain.

Since early in the morning, Shige-chan was already taking the scene, and just for a few cut only, he was drenched totally.
When he went back to the camp, Sho saw him and said “What? You’re already so wet?”

Shige-chan replied that they used fake rain.

Sho was yasashi again, he said to Shige-chan, “must be cold desho..”
Oops, did i see that Sho lift up his leg in the 2nd pic above? Heating up his leg??? LOL

When Shige-chan said it’s cold, Sho put on his hand on Shige-chan’s cheek and checked on him!!!

So they spent a few hours taking the rain scene, the weather itself was cold too… lowest temperature 5.6degree.

The touching scene

It was really cold.. well yeah, the scene looks better with rain, but in fact our body temperature was getting lower, and it was really cold. I shoot at the same shrine during Nazotoki wa dinner no atode, this time i’m all wet and i feel cold, and i borrowed their bath tub, soaked to warm up myself. It’s my first time to use the bath tub there, maybe i can ask for free dinner next time? LOL

1st tough: Morning exercise

This part doesnt look that tough, but actually Sho need to exercise very hard for it, every movement must be full of energy.

After rehearsalling for a few times, Sho was already tired and feeling hot.

And he laughed !!!!!!

I’ve never been so serious in morning excercise

Continue filming

Then director said “Sho-kun, don’t laugh too hard” HAHHAHAHHA

Sho said, “I’ve began to enjoy it too much” HAHHAHAH

Finally finished!

It was a good exercise

Morning exercise, it was really tough! I was given the DVD for the exercise, i prepared at home, i think none of you have taken it seriously, do try to do it seriously next time, it’s really tiring! And it was after lunch break, i began to feel sleepy while doing it, sleepy and tired, this radio exercise was really taihen

And it’s finally the end of the shooting.

Sho made a surprise appearance during the crank up day for Numata father, mother and Shige-chan.

Sho’s really yasashii. Everytime when other main casts cranks up he’ll turn up even though there’s no his part on that day.
Then he do the pose of “呼ばれてないのにジャジャジャジャーン!” (Yobarete nai no ni jyajyajyajyann)

Sho’s last scene was with Kamiki-kun, at the forest.

And this’s his last cut, his last “Iine”, also the last shot in the final episode.

And his smile after the cut!!! AHHHHHHHHH Healing one~~~

When Kamiki-kun giving speech and say that it’s his first time to work in such a fun project, Sho teased him, “REALLY? ” and Kamiki-kun tried so hard to clarify that it’s true HAHHAHAHAH

Minasan, otsukaresamadeshita. It was really fun. It’s fun to read the script, it’s fun to think of how to act, it’s fun to do it, it’s fun to watch the completed one, it’s fun to watch the on-air, these 3 months is a blink of eyes. Many people around me told me that it’s a challenge role for me, i think i’ll be benifited by this role in the future, and i feel like meeting Yoshimoto again (Laughing sound from staffs), anyway it was a very fun 3 months, minasan, otsukaresamadeshita!

The way he said otsukaresamadeshita was so playful!!

Hmmm.. how was it,, maybe i can only know the result many years later. I hope that it proves to be a turning point for me in future. Hmmm.. how should i say.. i’m very happy to be participate in this drama. That’s the most important thing.

The making did not include the part which i hoped for the most..
ie the following scene inside the bath tub

Come to think of it, the making of sauna scene should be included too….
It’s legend of Kazoku Game..

And also one the long sentence that Sho need to say in front of the blackboard.

But i know Making can never fulfil my wish all the time..
It’s always short… (one hour though..)
And they seldom show those hard scenes, mostly happy and funny one, maybe hard scene involves emotions of actors, so it’s hard for cameraman to be there.
But i think the making for Kazoku Game this time was quite good, and i’m satisfied.
It shows the making of the opening hard scene for Sho, i’m relieved and happy to see his relax expression despite the hard role.
And I got to see off-time Sho and hear his laugh which is enough for me (≧◡≦)~♥

OK, finished!!!!
Capturing for more than 3 hours, writing for 7 hours.. i’m really exhausted..
It’s the love for Kazoku Game and HIM that makes my hand keeps on moving LOL

I think i’ve wrote very detailed on making, but this extra DVD includes also other event for Kazoku Game, most already seen on wideshows, so i’m not going to write on those.

Let me say this again before i stop, Kazoku Game “Iine~” LOL

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  • Artsie
    2 12月, 2013, 2:56

    Thanks for your detailed report! Considering I may not ever get to actually view and understand it myself, this was awesome ^_^

  • Grace
    2 12月, 2013, 3:27

    Thanks for the report!! It is really detailed~~Thanks for spending time on this!

  • Sherry
    2 12月, 2013, 3:42

    First, thank you so much for sharing all the details for us. I also watched the making, I do not quite understand every words the said, especially the interview parts. But I could tell that the making is really funny. I  kept repeating the opening scene when the director screamed check using sho chan’s screaming voice. IMAO!!! and the morning exercise part is also really funny. Thank you so much for spending time translating the making and capturing pictures of making scene for us!!!! お疲れ様でした!!

  • Mega
    2 12月, 2013, 11:41

    Arigatouu rie-san for translate this. I’m so happy only read and look image at laughing sho, kawaai :3 make us feel happy too :DD haaaiii, otsukaresamadeshita~~~

  • Kitty
    3 12月, 2013, 1:14

    Thanks so much for reporting this, the caps were great, I love his laugh too, and his smiles are awesome, he really looked like having fun. This was a great character for him and I love those 3 scenes, he was great!! Arigatou <3

  • zydny
    3 12月, 2013, 8:29

    Thank you so much for translating and sharing! Now I want to watch Kazoku Game again! Sho-san was really amazing in this role.

  • Daiana
    9 12月, 2013, 19:33

    what an awesome report! We really appreciate it. Thank you so much for translating and sharing the details with us. This’s a good way to support Sakurai-san’s work. It always comes to my mind …seriously, can he be anymore amazing? 

  • pururucchi
    29 8月, 2016, 2:02

    Where can i download this making?
    Is there anyone who knows?

    the making its really interesting

    btw, thanks for the screencaps and translation…. its great…

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