Ura Arashi SP Vol.12

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Q: Can you please show us the photo of “takoyaki” which Aiba-san used to make in Osaka, if possible the making process of it.

Iya~ Yappari it’s always this when we go to Osaka exclamationexclamationexclamation

This year, three of us did it together.

Well, this is my personal opinion…

Aiba-shi…. he’s getting worse at doing it year by year (LOL)

Ninomiya Kazunari

Well, who are the “3 people” that Nino mentioned ?!!

I only know Aiba made one special takoyaki for Sho, with onions + garlic + rollcake (Riida’s leftover LOL) inside it!!! LOL
Sho, without realizing said it tastes nice!! HAHAHAHA Anything taste nice in his mouth ne~ 黒ハート
So.. it’s definitely not Sho, which means… Aiba, Nino, and who are the one? Jun or Riida~??
And from the fans report in Osaka, looks like it’s Riida because Jun was having meeting with the staffs when they made this “takoyaki”.

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