Otonoha Vol.120 2013.11.15

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Updating while busy with LOVE ne~~
It’s the first day of LOVE Sapporo concert today~
And his message today is full of LOVE 黒ハート黒ハート黒ハート


It’s me.

In the midst of concert.

It was Nagoya lat week.

And it’s Sapporo starting today.

So i’m very in the mood of “concert” now.
Will ganbaru till the last day of the tour, douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Well… my recent state ya~

Hmm… let me think and see if there’s anything~

…Ah, i permed my hair after a long time.

But now.. the perm has began to gone..
(Hey, your report is too slow..)



My high school teacher retired recently and i drew up a plan to visit him and it was successful.

I contacted my classmates during that year, and many of them came from far places to join.
And we paid a visit to teacher’s house.

When teacher saw my friend’s face,

“Oh, you’re XX, you’re YY ne!”

He remembered every one of us.

He was in charge of so many classes but he said our class can consider top five class which remains in his mind vividly.

…. well, maybe we’re too bad…. (heart)
(Hey! Examine yourself! baka)

His wife cooked for us a lot of food.

And we drank with teacher his liquor collection.
It’s something which we couldnt do last time.

We had a long talk on those old days.

It was a memorable time.

It was Love.



I’m going to “love” too~

Sakurai Sho

That’s the Sho i love~~~
Highschool teacher and friends, that means it’s more than 10 years ago, or nearly 20 years, but still keeping in touch with them..
And he’s always the one who innitiate for this kinda gathering or event.
Always working hard and enjoy his life, whether it’s work or private 黒ハート

Nice perm dayo ♡

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4 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.120 2013.11.15”

  • Daiana
    16 11月, 2013, 2:05

    Awww! He’s so kind!! I can’t believe there is a man like him out there. I wish I could find someone as thoughtful and sweet as him ♥

  • Daiana
    16 11月, 2013, 2:07

    Oh! I forgot! thank you so much for translating and sharing, Rei-san!! 

  • Alphey
    16 11月, 2013, 8:34

    Thank you for the translation, Rei-san! I’ve been waiting for Otonoha

    He is really good in planning and cordinating an event, nee~
    Despite his tight schedule he still have time for that, he really is yasashii
    Why you always make us fall in love to you, Sho! >.<

  • CJ
    18 11月, 2013, 8:25

    Thanks for translating and sharing!!! ^w^
    Didn’t know about “Otonoha” before finding your blog… (new fan here xD)
    Can’t help going “Awwwwwn~♥!” while reading… he’s so sweet!!! >w<
    Thanks again xD

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