Otonoha Vol.119 2013.10.15

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Title = Autumn’s Greetings


It’s me.

It’s so fast, it has been 3 weeks since the Arafes.

I was preparing hard towards this all the while, and i thought i’m going to feel the “emptiness” after it ends….

But no !!
It’s now the preparation for tour !!

(…Eh? Is this the copy&paste from last month?)

(HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I thought i read wrongly… Sho-san….)

No, it isnt. It’s just a sampling (Just like the approach of Hip-hop)

We had meeting the next day after Arafes.
And we’ve been preparing for it everyday.

In previous years, it’s always “Rehearsal = Curry”

But this year “our boom” is “ramen”

“I’m already sick of it….”

“Iya… but this year our rehearsal includes having ramen”

“It’s not going to start without ramen”

“Is it? So, ordering?”

“Me too”

“Me too”

This kinda conversation occurs almost everyday.

Hmmm.. in fact we dunno when to stop it.


I feel very happy to know that many have watched “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”

To those who went to cinema, thank you once again.

I’ll be happy if you enjoyed it.

There’s still some time, the next shall be “Kamisama no Karute 2”

On roadshow 21 March!!

I havent watch it too, so i’m looking forward to it too.

I’ll be happy if you can look forward to it next year.

And most of all !!

New album 【LOVE】will be on sales next week!!

It’s quite a good album with a lot of feeling in it.

I’ll be happy if you can listen to it.
(… Don’t use the same phrase again!)

Alright, do look forward to i!!

Sakurai Sho

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2 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.119 2013.10.15”

  • Sartika
    15 10月, 2013, 22:26

    Yay!!! the first \\^o^//
    Arigatou Rei-san as always 😀
    I totaly forget this is 15th lol
    cant wait to LOVE album ^-^
    like song PARADOX *Cant you feel me going crazy~~~~ XDD

  • zydny
    15 10月, 2013, 23:13

    Ramen! So funny. It’s nice to know the little personal details. Really happy looking forward to LOVE. Thank you again for sharing with us.

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