Ohno’s Q&A 30 questions

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(1) Any custom or your own regulation, things you must do when you go back to your parent’s home ?

There’re always food ready when i’m back. Normally it’s cream stew.

(2) What would you describe autumn as?

Many fish during autumn.

(3) Please denote member using smell.

Nino scentless, Matsujun is american, Shokun is fresh, Aibachan is animal (LOL)

(4) Did you ever see a real dream ? (Real dream is dream which turns true)

Hmm…no..there’s one time where i keep dreaming of being chased by lion.

(5) Do you like your own eyes?

Nope. My eyesight is bad.

(6) Please state out 3 conditions of the girl you like.

Someone whom i feel easy being with her, someone who can cook will be better, and someone who leaves me free.

(7) If five of you were to go for “gasshuku” (camping/outdoor activities which requires staying outside), what do you think is neccessary to bring to?

Video camera. Last time four of us went to Hakone, Sho-kun had to work so he cant join. We went to hot spring, it was a one day trip.

(8) What did you have for dinner yesterday?

Dessert, something like sponge.

(9) How do you describe your hairstyle today?

Messy. Have been keeping it since 24hr tv, so it has been quite long now, going to cut today.

(10) Which color to describe your mood today ?

White. The room is white today.

(11) Which part do you wash first when you take your bath?


(12) What do you think is your favorite phrase (habit of talking) ?

“Tired” or “hah…”

(13) Which animal to describe yourself?

Monkey, because i was born on the year of Monkey.

(14) What is bothering you recently ?

Havent did something which feels like summer, hmm.. feel like having bbq or fishing.

(15) What is your promise for Arafes and 5 Dome Tour ?

I’m going to sing! I’m going to dance! Well, nothing has been fixed yet(LOL)

(16) A good guy is someone who is ○○ (Please fill in that).

never gives up

(17) Do you want to be a guy or girl in your next life.

Guy. Girl looks tough

(18) You feel easy in japanese style room (tatami) or those western style room.

Western. I think i only need the sofa.

(19) What do you wear when you sleep ?

Tshirt and short pants. Long sleeves during winter. Yesterday was gray tshirt and pants.

(20) Will you eat the food you like first, or save it to enjoy it the last.


(21) What are the food which surprise you recently?

The dessert i ate yesterday. Yamada(Ryosuke) who was together during drama filming said it’s “meccha umai”.

(22) Which member did you have meal together with recently?

If it’s 1 vs 1, then should be Matsujun. Matsujun checked out on one chinese dining place and we had meal together.

(23) Which stationery to describe yourself?

stapler. Because i like it. I like the fine seed of it.

(24) What filiality you’ve shown recently ?

Bought them souvenir(tshirt) when i went to New York recently.

(25) Which is your favorite menu when having yakiniku ?

Egg soup. Will normally order it during half of the meal.

(26) What is your favorite type of onigiri?

“Ikura”, “Mentaiko”. Last time there’s no onigiri with “Ikura”, so it feels so high class.s

(27) Any rules when washing your clothes?

No. But i like drying them.

(28) What you feel the most confident in it?

I can sleep anytime and anywhere. There’s a sleeping scene, and i think i really fall asleep

(29) Where do you want to go if you can travel alone?

Overseas is good too, but i think i wanna go around japan and see the scenery.

(30) Which part of Aiba Masaki which makes you envious most?

He can have chinese food whenever he goes back!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to translate for us. It makes me so happy to be able to read what the Arashi members are saying. I laughed when Ohno said he would be a stapler!

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