Arafes 2013 Report Part 1 : Overall Summary

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OK, the festival has end, and i admit my report is always slow LOL
Concert report is the most difficult one.. Usually i wrote and save.. and continue writing and saving.. for many days before i can really post it LOL because you scream, you shout, you yell.. and at the end of it, trust me, you wont be able to remember a single thing! LOL
There are many parts which i want to write, and i want to divide them in different posts, i guess most of you have already read it elsewhere, but still i would like to write it as a membrance for myself too. I shall divide my reports into overall summary, MC talk & ending speech and birthday celebration!!!

First of all, the “dull” part ? あせあせ (飛び散る汗) the overall summary of Arafes.

As most of you have known, this’s their last time to hold concert in Kokuritsu Stadium before the stadium is closed for renovation for Tokyo Olympics 2020.
I’ve been hoping and praying since last year’s Arafes.. ya, since one year ago.. and ever since the real ballot starts i cant stop myself from thinking of it everyday. Every night before i sleep, i need to say my prayer to God.. please.. let me get into the Kokuritsu for the last time..
And i really must thank God.. Many things happened to me in these few months… but… maybe God was trying to encourage me.. i was so lucky to win the ballot.. Finally i can sleep well.. And.. the most unbelievable part is.. i cant believe that.. i got the chance to get into the stadium for two days.. I won the ballot, and my friend won it too.. 😥
And i must thank readers who wished me good luck.. I know many of you wanna go.. but still you wished me…

The ticket for both days are different colors, white for the 1st day and orange for the 2nd day.

Kokuritsu Stadium was decorated with Arafes banner. “The festival with our big love & thank you”.
The stadium itself is very big, so every exit has the big banner on it.

And as usual there are Arafes flag rising on top of the stadium.
This year, the weather was good, no rain!!! LOL

Object for this year. Kawaii ne~~~

This year, i decided to make the tatoo sticker and paste it on my hands.
As i uploaded in my facebook before, here’s how the sticker looks like. And…….. hahahaha I realized Aiba-chan did the same action as me in the next day’s news!!
It’s not only doing the same thing, but also the sticker he pasted on his hand is same as mine! LOL
Well he did it on his left hand, but i’m on my right :p

My seat on the first day was almost at the tip of Kokuritsu. Yeah.. the tip… very high there, and it’s around the 3rd or 4th row from the back.
Frankly.. it’s my first time sitting so high there.. and actually… hmmm.. how to say.. well the scenery was good, but the sound system was bad… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Maybe due to open space, you can hear very big echos.. so when they sing one phrase, there’s another echo coming back.. so the voice clashed.. and it’s like very noisy.. you cant hear the song clearly.. just like two groups singing by themselves.. (°口°;) And also sometimes the sound vanished and then suddenly loud again.. hmmm…orz
I’m only stating the fact, trying to let you know how’s it watching concert at the tip of Kokuritsu, it’s not a complain though. And of course, although i’m far above there, i waved my hands very hard and jumped high too! LOL
As for the 2nd day, I was in the middle part of Kokuritsu, and this time i could hear the song nicely 😀

Etto… no one wants to listen to my own story? LOL
OK OK.. stopping here, starts the real report. Please note that some might not be 100% correct.. as i really cant remember that well, just the feeling ok? And also photos are captured from all those wide shows, tried to be accurate but there might be mistake too, please do understand. Arigato.

Concert starts at 17:30 SHARP!!!

Oh yeah, their concert never gets delay!! I heard from other Japanese that concerts in Japan are always delay maybe 5 or 10 minutes, maybe due to preparation or just the culture, but remember Arashi concert starts once the time turn 17:30 !!

At 17:30 the big screen shows the cartoon character of them (like previous Arafes) and audience began to shout KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
I cant remember clearly what the video was, but it’s something like asking “How’s it going?!!! Hey Arena!!! Hey Standing seats!! Do you want to meet Arashi? YEAH YEAH YEAH”, whatever the question the video asked, everyone just shout “HAI!!!” or “YEAH!”” and then BANG! Smokes appear (LOL) and five of them jumped out on the main stage! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

1. Face Down


Urm…. sorry…. i’m Sho biased… but believe me!!!! Sho was really kakkoii!!!!! Dunno why i just feel that he’s soo much different, so much kakkoii than the others… 😳 on the first day. His hair, with his fringe is just too perfect !!! He was kakkoii too on the 2nd day, but i just dunno how to put it in words, he’s totally different on the first day!! And his tension was really high!!

2. Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~

I got a surprise when this song is included. Well, as usual, when the intro music starts, audience just KYAAAAA LOL
They were at the main stage during Face Down, and when they walked from the main stage to the center stage for this song, audience just goes crazy especially those at Arena.

AAAAHHHH Sho-chan kakkoii yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like a prince !!!!!!!

3. Truth

Next is Truth, dancing songs continues ne LOL

4. Welcome to our party

A very joyful song, and it’s very suitable for concert because there’re many “Hey” in the lyrics LOL
So audience just sang together and “Hey” together with them.
Before this song, Sho walked to the staffs, and received water from her, and drink! LOL I didnt miss this part!!!!!!! I saw it LIVE with my own eyes!!! KYAAAAAAAAAA

Five of them moved to their own tower and sang this on the tower and then they gave the “usual” opening speech in the middle of this song.

Declaration! We’re going to make 70,000 people shiawase today! Let’s enjoy it!

Arashi is here !! Arashi’s summer is not ending zo !! Can you go ?! Can you go ?! Can you go ?! Let’s enjoy it till the end !!

Are you high?! Are you high?! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let’s get more exciting!! Saiko daze!

Aiba has another tatoo seal on his right hand ne!! Black Arashi mark!!
Aiba-chan, why not green? :p

はーい~ はーい~ はーい!!今年もやっちゃいますか?国立祭りでい!
Ha–i! Ha—i! Ha—i!! Do it again this year?! It’s Kokuritsu festival !!

もっと声を あらし!あらし!あらし!
How are you, Kokuritsu !!! How’s are you those above there?!
(YEAH!!!) How are you, those above there?! (YEAH!!!) And how are you, those at the bottom? (YEAH!!!) how are you?!! (YEAH!!!)
How’s Tokyo ?? YEAH!!!
We’re already prepared, how about all of you? (YEAH!!!)
Let me hear your voice!!! (YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hahahaha, when you’re far above there, it’s really exciting and happy to hear Sho calling the audience at above LOL

5. Happiness

Hashiridase~ Hashiridase~

For this year’s Arafes, five of them tried to produce one theme from the voted songs. They chose those songs from the voted one and arranged them, everyone produced their own. So in each section, they will sing a list of songs they chose, and also their most voted solo.

First it’s Aiba. His theme was “Sun set song”.
He said this theme fit Kokuritsu because it’s an open stadium, and it’s just about the time where the sun is going down.

6. Hello Goodbye

And the most vote for his solo is “Hello Goodbye” わーい (嬉しい顔)
I voted for earlier solo, but honestly any Aiba’s solo is ok for me because all are sooooo nice!!!
Aiba-chan kawaii yo~~~~~~~!!!

If i dont remember wrongly, the Arashi mark logo at the main stage, the color changed according to member. So when it was Aiba performing, the logo is green ♪

He appeared at the backstage which is nearer to me!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Two tatoo seals seen very clearly


At the second part of song, Aiba walked to the main stage, and the other four members then appeared and they sang together with him. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

And also during Aiba’s solo, the screen shows one sand art.
There’s a guy there playing with the sand art (only hands are shown), i was busy looking at Aiba so i didnt really look at the screen. And at the end of the song, it shows that the guy in the screen was Aiba himself!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! He was the guy playing with the sand art, i thought it’s a profesional sensei!!!
He wears the Arafes pink tshirt, with cap on him, and without make up!! You can see his moustache a bit!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

OK, the songlist for Aiba’s production “Sunset song” is
7. Subarashiki Sekai
8. Love Situation
9. Festival Night (YEAH YEAH Arafes version for Carnival Night ne)

7. Subarashiki Sekai

8. Love Situation

They were on the moving stage, Sho, Nino and Aiba on one stage and Jun, Riida on another.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH When Sho, Nino and Aiba moved past me i nearly fainted!!! (Urm.. please note, i’m not near the stage though LOL)
Well, although not so near to the stage, but i can see their dance clearly!!!
Yeah, they really danced non stop!! You know the song, and know how hard the dance is!! Sho was amazing!!! shaking and moving his body!!! Aiba too!! Nino-chan a bit tired? LOL But still they danced and danced and danced!!!!

9. Festival Night

YEAH YEAH Arafes version for Carnival Night ne.
So just like last year, lyrics was changed to F-E-S-T-I-V-A-L NIGHT !!!

After this it’s VTR time again.
And this time it’s Riida’s part.
Riida’s theme is “Mysterious”

And it starts with Riida’s solo, “Take me faraway”

10. Take me faraway

Why his dance is always so smooth? so beautiful, although its movement is hard?
This dance movement and steps are all created by himself.
The colaboration between Riida and those back dancers are so good!! Riida looks so sexy!!!
And Riida’s voice…. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
I was totally stunned there…. Hontoni Kakkoii yo!!!!!! Riida !!!!

Songlist for “Mysterious” are:
11. Tokei jikake no Umbrella
12. Monster
13. Fight Song

11. Tokei jikake no Umbrella

I love this tango step!!
It’s the first time i saw it live in Arafes last year, didnt expect to see it again this year!!
They’re on the center stage during this song, and i cant really see well, but still i tried to look at them instead of the monitor because monitor will focus on one member, but i wanna see the whole dance!!!

The part which i found not so perfect was….. hmmmm.. just when it’s about the rap time for this song… which i love so much.. suddenly Kokuritsu’s light was off.. and the screen shows a clock….
Oh….. changing song………. ORZ
Well, clock means… Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course i love Monster too… but… let me hear the rap please…………. 😥

12. Monster

Screen shows clock.. and then suddenly fire up…

And they started singing “Monster”.
AHHHH Kakkoii yo!!

13. Fight Song

It has been a typical concert song ne.

OK, VTR again.
Oh no….. looks like the next to show up is Sho!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa
You cant imagine how fast is my heart beating…
I want him to sing “Hip Pop Boogie” !! There are many speculations on the song list, i skipped them all, didnt read it, so i dunno the result.
I was soooooooooooooooooo nervous!! Hearing Sho singing this song in Kokuritsu is my dream !!!!!!!
And when he said his theme is “Hip’s Hop”, i was screaming like crazy girl there… LOL Gomen-ne…. LOL

And Sho turns up in the center stage…….

And he starts with rap in very low tone voice…

Somebody, Everybody..
Pass da mic, pass da pen..
このmic and penでRock the world


Hip Pop Boogie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Hip Pop Boogie

Oh no………….. why so kakkoii???
Why so kawaii ???
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I tried to control myself, i didnt shout, and didnt scream when he was singing.. yeah, i want to listen to every of his voice 泣き顔
The rap was simply… ahh.. dunno how to describe in english!! 神!!!It’s simply fabulous or amazing or incredible!! I’m short of vocabulary!!!
Ahhhh….. how i wish that i could let everyone hear this LIVE !!
Ahhhh….. When will the DVD out?!!!!!!

At the end of Hip Pop Boogie, Sho walked from the center stage to the main stage.

And then suddenly……….
there’s a table and other members appeared, they walked to the table and sit on the chair there.

And this marks the start of Sho’s theme “Hip’s Hop”.
Songs in this theme are:
15. Cool & Soul
16. A Day in our life
17. Lucky Man

15. Cool & Soul

They replayed the scene during 2006 Arashic tour.
Five of them was so cool singing and rapping while sitting. All very “wild” look LOL
Sho put his legs on the table!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa

The rap in this song is another amazing one.. why they never stumble? :p

Like the part when five of them squeeze together and say “ARASHIC is cool, tsuki nukeru feels future!” (ノ≧∇≦)ノキャー

And when stand up, five of them lift up their legs on table!! KAKKOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

Ahhhhhhh this performance was really GOOD !!!!!
There’s a rap in this part.
4つ前のアルバムに話はさかのぼるんだけどさ・・ (The story turns back to the 4th album before this)
Sho changed it to
15前のアルバムに話はさかのぼるんだけどさ・・ (The story turns back to the album 15 years ago)

16. a Day in our life

Actually i dont really like this song… not that i dislike it but it has been sang in concert for too many times :p
But this time it’s different!!!!

Before the song starts, Sho said:
“Matsumoto-kun, Ohno-kun, rap onegaishimasu!”

Normally it’s Sho, Aiba, Nino for rap part, Jun and Riida for the singing part.
This time they changed role!!!!!! INTERESTING !!!

“Zenshin zenrei mezashiteku WAY
Jibun torimodosu tame ni UE
Atarashii nanika wo mitsukeru NE
Kitto mata meguri au SOMEDAY!”

17. Lucky Man

They moved to the upper stairs near the fire flame.
Sho’s rap in this part was done by other members!!
Sho’s theme “Hip’s Hop” is hoping other members can rap too.

18. Meikyu Love Song

They sang this song while going down from the stairs at flame burner.
So they didnt dance, just wave their hands.
BUT !!
When they got down and gather at the center stage, finally we see the “trademark dance” of this Meikyu Love Song !! Just when they start dancing, the whole Kokuritsu KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA again LOL

Especially this part!!! LOL

It’s MC part after this.
I’m skipping MC part, will write this in another post.
And also birthday celebration for Jun and Nino at this moment on the 2nd day.
I will cover this part also in next post.

They take turn to change clothes.
First it’s Jun and Aiba to get in to change clothes, and Sho, Nino and Riida was on the stage doing the MC.

The first song after MC is Furusato.

19. Furusato

As known, Furusato is the theme song for NHK choir competition for primary school.
So, they sang with choir primary school children. When those children appear and getting ready to their standing position, Sho was very kind, keep on asking if they’re ready. He looks just like a father!!! LOL
Oh yes, the picture captured here is the costume for the first day.
For the second day, they did not change into this costume, it’s the next costume because some songs are cut.
On the 2nd day, they had birthday celebration for Jun and Nino, which was quite long, so guess that’s the reason why the program was changed.


Finally they sang this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was only sang on the first day. What a waste…………..
This was also sang together with the choir.

21. Kaze no Mukou he

The last song with the choir.
I like the rhythm of this song ♪

And it’s VTR time again.
This time, there’s no Jun character in the VTR.
And when they’re like “searching for” Jun, wondering where he is… (it’s VTR joke LOL),
suddenly there’s a big roar coming from the left side of stadium…
Jun appeared!!!!
And what a good timing….. the VTR was Aiba saying “Ne Ne… isnt’ that Matsumoto there?” LOL
And it’s time for Jun’s theme, “REMIX”.

22. Step and Go

Jun’s theme, “Remix” starts with Step and Go.
Urm, just like previous Arafes, he plays DJ and do all the remix for the song.
At first it’s Jun alone one the moving stage.

And when music starts, KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the other four appears!!
Basically it’s Jun playing with DJ and the other four singing and dancing.
They’re on the moving stage, and the stage moves one round in the Kokuritsu!!!!

23. Kitto Daijyobu

24. Love so Sweet

The moving stage reached the center of Kokuritsu, they stopped and got down and walked above to the stairs heading to the flame burner.
I thought they’re stopping there and not coming to my side…. but it’s just a stopover :p

25. Yes? No?

They sang this near the flame burner.
The dance was saikou too !!!
This part of performance was so amazing…

At the ending before the chorus… “Let’s go… Let’s go… Let’s go…”
Suddenly music stopped….. All lights are off………..
And suddenly the big screen shows the Olympics logo!!!

And the five rings changed into their color LOL

And suddenly the Arashi mark appears!! LOL

And i think it’s Jun who pointed a direction and there’s laser.. first it light up the main stage.
I’m not too sure about this part because it’s hard to look at them and the stage at the same timing because they’re opposite direction.

Then together with the laser, the fire moves from the stage, along the aisle, and up to the stairs and THE FLAME BURNER WAS LIGHT UP !!!!!

What a performance…
There are many olympics players invited to this concert. Guess they must have also designed the concert to match the olympics. The head of JOC was there too.

And after this performance the intro for Re(mark)able starts!!
What a good choice!!!!

26. Re(mark)able

The performance was same as the AAA 2008, where they sit (stand) in one row at the flame burner stairs and do the pose of “thousand armed deity”

And they changed his rap lyrics again!!!

Then they get down the stairs, back to the moving stage, and go around another half of Kokuritsu.

27. Troublemaker

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The moving stage walked past me during this song!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend beside me keep shouting “AIBA-CHAN!!! AIBA-CHAN!!!” LOL
When the stage was far away, i feel that the speed is so slow, why it takes so long time to reach my side, but when it walked past me, why so FAST ??!!!!! Just in a blink of eyes, the stage is at another side already!!!
SHO-CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I havent seen enough of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28. Up to you

This’s actually my No.1 song in Popcorn album !!!!!! The dance created by Riida is so nice too!!!

After this song, it’s Jun’s “Shake it” and before they got into backstage…. Sho actually did the “Shake-it-dance” LOL
Not shaking his waist though LOL
It’s the dance part where “Shake it shake it” is sang, the way you dance with your hands.
I hope you got my meaning… my English is super lousy… cant express myself well.. 泣き顔
Anyway, he’s sooooooooooooooooooo FUNNY!!!!! PLAYFUL!!!!! So Sho “shake-it” while disappearing into backstage LOL

29. Shake it

Same solo as last year, i guess Jun fans just couldnt resist this ne LOL
He didnt let us down, of course, going half naked is a must LOL
Actually with the song alone, i am not into this kinda music, i mean it’s not my preference, but Jun’s performance always full of entertainment, i was really HIGH throughout his whole Shake-it dance LOL

VTR again.
OK, the last one left is of course Ninomi~~~~~
His theme was “The night outdoor (野外の夜)”

30. Breathless

Finally i can see this dance with my own eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31. Calling

From Breathless to Calling, it reminds me of Music Station!!! LOL
The performance is similar to Music station, where they all queued in one long row.
From the left end of Kokuritsu to the right end.

32. Still…

Oh, the “must-to-include” song LOL
But this time it’s a bit different, it starts with Nino’s voice!!!!! (°口°;)
The first day, i thought he sang out of pitch….orz… Nino gomen-ne…
And the second day it’s better but still a bit different, so i guess Nino has re-arranged it.
It’s still the No.1 requested song for Coupling ne. Same as last year. Sasuga.

33. Himitsu

Next it’s Nino’s solo!
Before he sang, he said
It’s my solo next. You all voted for this, so please bear the responsibility”


And once the intro starts, the whole Kokuritsu roars again!! HAHAHHAHA

All Nino fans want to hear him sing this song ne. They want to see the cute dance.
I voted for slow song わーい (嬉しい顔)

Ahh… Look at the way he danced!!
Like the part where he pointed left and right!!

I cant stop laughing when four stuffed-animal-costume dancers appeared LOL
Nino was also laughing while singing LOL
I was thinking… urm.. no need these characters….. this divert the attention…

Well, Nino mentioned in his ending speech, he was actually feeling very embarassed to sing this song at the age of 30…. so to cover this, he asked member to wear in stuffed animal, everyone act cute! LOL So that’s his motive!! LOL
And….. i began to regret at my own thinking when realized that the people inside the costume are four of them!!!

Bear (?) JUN !!

Kappa. Riida!!!!

Lion. SHO-CHAN !!! KAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giraffe.. Urm... it's "secret" LOL

When they took off the head, everyone was screaming HAHHAHAHAH

Everyone shows their real face except Mr. Giraffe who wears a tiger mask LOL
Nino went to him and asked, “You’re Aiba-san right?”
Mr. Giraffe said “NO…… It’s himitsu (secret)”
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa hahahhahahhahahaha title of Nino’s solo (≧◡≦)~♥

While walking in for costume change for next song, heard Sho said to Nino, “マジ暑い!” (Maji atsui = really hot!)
HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA complaining the costume is too thick LOL

And it’s VTR time, they announced the ranking for Single.
This year, they only announced ranking for single, no couping and album.. that’s one thing less perfect here, because we took our time to choose it, so i guess it’s better to let us know the result.

OK, here’s the ranking from No10~No.1
They gave a short comment on each song, i cant remember them, so the comments are grabbed from several sources online.

10. Happiness (Yatta! Arigato gozaimasu! We ran a lot ne!)
9. A・RA・SHI (デビュー曲が入っているのも意外だけど、逆に9位も意外だね (It’s a bit unbelievable that our debut song got into the ranking, but at the same time it’s also unbelievable that it’s NO.9 (Urm.. Sho-chan, what are you trying to say..? :p)
8. Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~ (It’s really “muteki”!)
7. PIKA☆☆NCHI DOUBLE (We often sang it in live)
6. Monster (Hmm.. Che-hon-man-kun? It’s KAIBUTSUKUN!)
5. Face Down (Opening song for this year. Arigato gozaimasu!)
4. Wild At Heard (Wild daze)
3. truth (It was No.3 last year too ne)
2. Breathless (YATTA!! Happy! Urm.. talking about this, i wanna do it too.. can it? Sure Platina Data.. ←The way Nino said it in movie HAHHAHAHAHAHAH)

And the No.1 is……………………………………………..

34. Endless Game

YES!!! No.1 for this year is Endless Game!!!!

Yappari KAKKOII !!!
And reminds me of Yoshimoto sensei !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHO-CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didnt realize when i was at the stadium.
Their costume, everyone has one scarf with the Arafes wordings logo on them ne!!!

35. Summer Splash!

My favourite too!!
Summer……………………….. SPLASH !!!!!!!
Fountains performance too.

36. Oh Yeah!

37. Energy Song

38. Wild At Heart

Almost the climax.
This’s the part where the “hanabi” is let off!!!

The logo mark at the main stage is very funny too, the specs keep on rolling up and down during the hanabi LOL
KAWAII !!!!!

Nino and Aiba obviously looking at the hanabi?! LOL

And Aiba used the amazing specs to look at the hanabi too!

And it’s ending speech after Wild at Heart.
OK, ending speech is going to be in another post too….so just skip this.

39. 5×10

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa 5×10 after ending speech is tooooooooooooooooooooooo emotional for me!!!!!! 泣き顔

And just at the part “ARIGATOOOOOOOOO” all the balloons were let out!!! 泣き顔
I saw staffs carrying bags and bags and bags and bags of “something” in the midst of concert, i was wondering what’s that, so it’s balloons!!!!

What a touching moment…. 泣き顔

They gather at the center stage during this song, and then just get into it as finale.

And right away after they got it, the Kokuritsu roars with encore again.
ARASHI ! ARASHI ! ARSHI ! ARASHI ! …………………………..

And very fast, five of them appeared again!!


40. (ENCORE) Love Rainbow

As usual came out in concert Tshirt!
The capture from wideshow are from Day1, during Day2 Sho came out with “THE SHOW” towel on his head!!!!


You are my soul soul ♪

42. (ENCORE) Gori Muchu

The ending song for first encore.
And the Arashi call was at this moment.

What’s our name?
ARASHI !!!!!!

And they got in again.

And encore starts again LOL

Double encore starts with PIKANCHI DOUBLE!!



44. (DOUBLE ENCORE) Sakura Sake

Didnt vote for this (cant remember well), but i love this song!!
Sakura sake boku no mune, no naka de mebaeta na mo naki yume tachi~~~~♪
The best part is to sway your hand together with them!!!!
AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH tanoshikatta !!!!

First day of concert ends here.

2nd day, they came out for TRIPLE ENCORE with “Kansya kangeki ame arashi” !!!!

OK, that’s the end of the overall summary.

Basically i’m a bit shocked at the ranking. I thought there’ll be more old songs, but almost all songs are those typical one. If i’m not there and just look at the songlist, maybe i’ll feel like a bit dissapointed, but once you’re there, you wont feel that anymore. They really tried hard to make everything different although songs are the same everytime. Hontoni Arigato!!

And, my impression was… Sho was really KAKKOII !!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH OK… i dont have to spell it out..
It’s less convincing for me to say this, but he IS kakkoii…. LOL
He ran a lot!!! From the left side to right side, again and again.. i forgot to count how many times!!
He gave me the impression that he’s really “ENERGETIC” !!! LOL
You know how big the stadium is, not even to rest at the middle of the stage, just ran again and again.. and also keep bowing…

Here are the ranking information i got from net (looks like it’s a source from magazine)

OK, hopefully to hear Boku Boku in next tour~~~~
Guess Intergalactic will be included in next tour ne…
Sighs…. another season for worrying about tickets..
Dont think luck is always by my side…

OK, not very well written.. not much story although the report is long… orz… anyway, more interesting part and touching moment for birthday celebration and speech is coming in next section.
I need time….. 😳

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    aaahhh Thank you for sharing your feelings/ impressions ! I wondered whether you would write a summary, it’s very nice to do this *awaiting your next articles and the dvd :3*
    thanks again

  • kun513
    3 10月, 2013, 9:59

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    Thank you so much!!i always feel happy to read your report and you will share your feeling on how glad you are. i am waiting for your next post on the MC part.

  • windy
    3 10月, 2013, 10:02

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    uwaaaa~ thank you so much for your report. I’m looking forward to the next part 😀

  • Angela
    3 10月, 2013, 10:30

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    Thanks for your report! I always enjoy reading your blog, even though this is the first time I’ve commented, I think. 🙂

    Can you just help me understand the balloting process? If you win a ballot, do you get one ticket? And you do not get to choose where you are seated. So are all ticket prices the same no matter where you are? (That kind of sucks.) Is it possible to enter and win more than one ballot, and get more tickets? Sorry, I just find this process bizarre, but I guess it prevents those insanely long line ups that some popular bands would have for their concerts.

    Anyways, thanks again for all your work and translations and insights. 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    when u apply just state how many tickets (person) you want, from 1pcs to 4pcs. All seats are same price and cant choose. One person can only ballot one time.

  • zydny
    3 10月, 2013, 11:46

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    Thank you so much! I love reading your stories about everything that happened. I think that your English is really very good. It’s so kind of you to take the time to write all of this to share with us.

  • Kitty
    9 10月, 2013, 2:28

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    Kyaaa! thanks, I can’t imagine how great was to be there! o(^o^)o
    It’s really funny how you really remark how kakkoi is Sho (#^_^#) , I’m sure he was
    I’d love that more of their oldies song appeared but I’m sure it’s awesome to be there
    Thanks again and good luck with domo tickets!

  • Yuki
    19 10月, 2013, 16:18

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    Hello! Thank you for your wonderful report! It must have been exhilarating watching Arashi live!! It’s one of my biggest dream!! 😀

    I’m sorry for asking you this question here but did you win the Love Tour ballot? If you have extra tickets for their Tokyo Dome shows, do you mind sparing one to me? I don’t mind paying extra…. Sorry for sounding so desperate!

    Thank you!! ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    i didnt win the ballot…

  • kay
    18 5月, 2014, 20:26

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    can I translate it into Russian?^^

    pleeeeaase ^______^

    rei125 Reply:

    sure, a link back to here will be appreciated, although i cant read russian :p

  • kay
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    thank you!♥

    rei125 Reply:

    Thank you, could you please put a link back here? Arigato gozaimasu
    And also delete the picture on the tickets? Sorry…

  • Joey
    22 5月, 2014, 1:25

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    ahh, watched Arafes 2013 DVD and realised that they didn’t put in “Your Song” 🙁 and they didn’t put in the birthday celebrationnnnnnn 🙁 thanks for this report ! haha 😀

  • BrianStync
    18 3月, 2018, 10:45

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