Ura Arafes 2013

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So sweet, updated the Ura Arafes just after the concert ends!


Arafes 2013, It just ends! 😀

To those who vote, hontoni arigato gozaimashita.

We have been allowed to hold concert here at Kokuritsu Stadium since 2008 and it has been the 6th years desuyo…. Unbelievable 😀

It’s really because of all your support 😀

Arigato gozaimasu double exclamation

This year it did not rain, and maybe because it’s a bit later than previous years, it was quite cooling weather desune double exclamation

So.. i overlooked it.. i did not put on any SPF (sunblock lotion) during rehearsal… and i was totally sun tanned.. and my face was painful during the actual performance day…

Hmmm.. did the same mistake last year too….

Well, anyway, it was really fun double exclamation

I hope even if the place is different, Arafes can continues 😀

Let’s enjoy this subarashi time together again ne 😀


Iya!!! Tanoshikatta !! (It was fun)

How’s the Arafes this year??

It has been 2 years continuously, that our concert is base on minna’s vote. And this year, every member produce one corner~

One thing which i realized it…


You all love songs with dance ne.. ( ゚Д゚)

This time, all the top rankings are songs with dance.

So we really danced a lot~ (^o^)/

For my personal corner, I did Arashi remix with DJ, light up the flame holder…
The last time we light up the flame holder was in 2009 i guess ?
It was so beautiful to see it after so many years.
And all the memories in these 6 years flashed back.

It was really “shiawase” (happy) to be able to hold concert here in Kokuritsu Stadium for 6 years.
And it’s really because of everyone’s support that we can hold concert in such a nice place!!
Hontoni arigato!!!!!

And with this, summer ends.



Iya~~ Arafes has ends successfullydouble exclamation

Arigato gozaimashita 😀

First, it doesnt rain. To us this is the biggest worry (LOL) Hontoni yokatta (LOL)

In this Arafes, each of us produced a corner.
And i find it very interesting 😀

But… hmmm… it’s last Kokuritsu ne…

I feel like having Arafes again.

Oops should say that i should ganbare so that we can do it again (LOL)

Do come and join us if we ever have a chance to meet in Arafes again double exclamation

Let’s gather together and party again double exclamationdouble exclamationdouble exclamation


Doumo exclamation Ohno desu exclamation Minasan, otsukaresama for the concert in Kokuritsu Stadium for 6 years exclamation And hontoni arigato gozaimashita exclamation Iya~ it was a good scenery~ This time there are so many nostalgic songs which are chosen, and many memories flashed back when i was singing (LOL) “COOL & SOUL” reminds us of the Asia Tour, “Re(mark)able” reminds us of our first time standing in Kokuritsu Stadium, and those busy days in year 2008, every songs has its own memories exclamation I believe you all have your own memories too. May we can create more beautiful music and memories together in future exclamation Yoroshiku exclamation And arigato always exclamation



It’s me. Sakurai desu.

During the rehearsal on the afternoon day of the concert.

I reached quite early and got on to the stage very quick.

But no matter how long i waited and waited and waited.. the staffs did not bring me mic.

Hmm.. members are coming soon..

No one bothers about me.

And at that time, i saw that the monitor was showing on me.

Black staff T shirt.
Black suet.
Black cap.


Which means, i wears almost totally the same as staffs.

No wonder no one noticed me..

Maybe they just think that i’m one of the staffs who looks a bit wild with sunglass..

I beg for your pardon m(__)m


The 6th time at Kokuritsu Stadium.

(How many times you want to mention this..)

Year 2008.

When we appeared in the middle of the stage with “Love so sweet”.
I will not be able to forget the scene.
It was such a beautiful one.

And it’s because of everyone’s support that we are able to see this beautiful scene for 6 times.
And i really feel grateful. Arigato.

To make sure that we can see the scene again in future,
there’s no time to stop.

Rehearsal for Dome Tour!

Let’s go!

Sakurai Sho

Ahh…. Sho’s story… Arigato…
Thought they will have at least a rest on the actual day, but still having rehearsal in the afternoon ne.
色々お疲れ様!(iroiro otsukaresama)

I like this shot, someone's muscle (≧◡≦)~♥

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6 Comments on “Ura Arafes 2013”

  • zydny
    25 9月, 2013, 12:04

    Sho-chan’s story made me laugh so much! So cute. Thank you for making it possible for us to read the messages by all the Arashi members.

  • mizakiwa
    25 9月, 2013, 14:24

    Lol oh Sho xDD
    Thanks for translating and sharing their messages :3 <33

  • Tipyaporn
    25 9月, 2013, 17:36

    Thank you for conveying the lovely word from the 5 of them to us.

  • 26 9月, 2013, 1:50

    It was nice seeing them happy and contented with arafes.
    It is sad though, not to be able to hold arafes anymore in Kokuritsu.
    Well, the fest was a blast anyway. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Sartika
    26 9月, 2013, 14:01

    Thanks always Rei-san for sharing this ^o^
    Ura Arafes Jun : You all love songs with dance ne XD
    Yes,, i had choice many songs with dance too LOL
    Sho-chan story made me laugh XDD
    I hope they iclude Intergalactic in Dome Tour ^O^

  • Kitty
    2 10月, 2013, 3:28

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this, love to read, you can see how different they are! It’s funny how Aiba did the same mistake, and Sho’s story is great XD

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