Translation: Miracle Reunion

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One of the Funky Monkey Babes member, Kato-san updated his blog today’s afternoon, and it was a very interesting article which caught Arashics’ attention.
So, i’m translating this.
The actual article comes from here:

Title = Miracle Reunion

It happened a few days ago.

I was going to office in my car, and i was waiting for the traffic light to turn green.
The weather was nice, so i opened my window and yawn big.

The car next to me, waiting for the traffic light too, the back seat’s window are opened.
I can sense that the person sitting at the back seat is looking at me.
But i just ignore it.

But i can feel that he’s really staring at me. Ignore it..

The feeling gets stronger. He must be staring hard at me.

I cant stand it, so i just turn over and said “WHAT?” (Nani?)

“Nani, why that expression! LOL”

“Eh… Iya Iya… i never expect to meet in such situation! It’s unbelievable!”

“Maa ne! Hai, give you this!”

And a cushion was passed to me.

“Eh…. Arigato….”

And the light turns green.

“Jya mata ne!” (see you again)

“Mata ne!”" (see you again)

It’s only 15 seconds.
Iya…. i cant believe it. It’s really miracle.

Well, he’s still the same, flat and nice guy, with great oehler.
Feel like going for a drink hisashiburi.

Urm… Arafes cushion !!!

So who was the guy sitting in the car next to Kato-san ?!!!!

Although he did not mention who is it, obviously it’s one of Arashi’s member (or else he would have say out the name, plus the cushion says everything LOL)

So the question now is, who is the Arashi member ?!! WHO?? WHO??
Who just passed the cushion to the guy in the other car on the road?! LOL (Urm.. a bit dangerous..? )

I read through all the replies in the blog, and everyone was saying that it’s Nino.
Well, since Kato-san did not mention the name, i cant assure 100% too, so just take it as a “story” yet to be confirmed LOL
The reason why Arashics pointed out it’s Nino was because Nino and Kato-san knows each other and they drank together before. So the biggest possibility should be Nino, as Kato-san said he wanted to drink again. And, it looks like something which Nino would do! LOL
I hope Nino will keep a cushion for himself anyway…. LOL

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3 Comments on “Translation: Miracle Reunion”

  • 18 9月, 2013, 22:41

    Kyaa!!! Kore wa hountou desu ka? :) )

  • Chako
    19 9月, 2013, 13:59

    Kyaaa~ Nino ~~~ I hope it’s really him. Btw, I think maybe Nino can get another one for himself..hehe Thank you Rei-san~~~

  • Sarah
    30 9月, 2013, 0:48

    LOL. I wonder if Arashi members just randomly give out concert goods to people they know. Thanks for translating!

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