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As known, Nino’s Platina Data’s dvd is going to be released on 27 Sept.
They have started rental in rental shop here in Japan, and there are special “making” included in this rental version, which is different from the one which will be on sales? (Not sure about this, last time they said the making in rental version is different from sales, but when i watched it, the narration said it’s part of the one in the limited edition)
The rental version making was very short, urm…. 6 mintues and not much new scene… (°口°;) Mostly are those scenes on Platina Data’s event which is showned on entertainment news before this. Of course some makings too. Very short.
The one on sales will include Making for around 2 hours!
Anyway, here’s the content of the rental version.

Premium Event for Film Preview

Ah.. i was there that time LOL

This one was shown on wideshow before, Nino said he cut his hair short already, and looks like small boy now, but no worries, he looks more mature in the movie (LOL).

When asked what’s his impression after working with Toyokawa-san for the first time, he said he’s very “erotic” (エロ) LOL Urm, means a sexy man.

Other event

Besides Tokyo, Nino went to a lot of cinemas in Japan for promotion.

At Sapporo, Hokkaido

At Niigata

At Umeda, Osaka

At Hakata, Kyushu

At Shinjuku, Tokyo


Crank-in Day!!! Nino looks so cold!!! Yeah, it was winter when he cranked in.

First scene with Toyokawa. The scene where Asama went to look for Kagura ne.

Checking the monitor seriously after the take.

Interview after the end of the first day shooting.
Nino said director asked him to act freely. Nino: “I listen to him and i do what i feel, it was fun”

Some other makings.

Running scene… Never seen Nino ran so fast!! Ahh… i like the scene too in the movie.

Short talk between Nino and Toyokawa.
When asked about the scene which he remembers most, Nino said it’s one scene at the laboratory, where Kagura was diagnosed as criminal, that scene was taken non-stop for 15minutes. It’s rare because normally in drama/movie, every scene was short.

Nino asked Toyokawa on his character with dual personality. Ryuhei and Ryu.
Toyokawa said Nino looks so real like a person with dual personality, it’s not two people with one character, but one person with two people inside him. He praised Nino for his good acting.

OK, some other makings on action scenes are shown too.

And this one, when Kagura was trying to escape.
This was taken at Shinagawa station at morning, i still remember on this day, i read on a lot of people saw Nino here at this station. It was office hour, so many people was at the station, and they saw Nino walking in between crowds. Another scene i love, thrilling and exciting!

And fnally the crank up. The last scene was the scene below..


I really like this movie very much!! I feel like watching it on the big screen again..
And the soundtrack for the movie is really thrilling and nice.

DVD coming out in 2 weeks !!!

Limited Edition

Limited Edition with special packaging and 2hours of Making

Standard Edition

I did a pre-order for it, you can check it out here.
But the deadline for Limited Edition has already ended.
If you still want it, you can order through the link and i will get back to you, see if i still can get it or not….

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