Jun’s Q&A 30 questions

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As requested, Jun’s part.

Sho's expression!!! (ノ≧∇≦)ノキャー

(1) Any custom or your own regulation, things you must do when you go back to your parent’s home ?

I will call before i go back. If i go back suddenly, there might be no meal prepared, or maybe they’re not at home.

(2) What would you describe autumn as?

It’s an autumn of “Sunflower” ne! The movie “Hidamari no Kanojyo” is going ot launch on 12 Oct.

(3) Please denote member using smell.

Riida is sweet smell, Sho-kun is orange type. Aiba-kun hmm.. mint! Nino is the smell of fabric softener.

(4) Did you ever see a real dream ? (Real dream is dream which turns true)

Yes! Sometimes i feel like “Ahh i’ve seen this in my dream before”, it’s kinda dejavu.

(5) Do you like your own eyes?

There’s no like or dislike, i’m been living with it for many years.

(6) Please state out 3 conditions of the girl you like.

Hmm.. someone who is homey, someone who is active and someone who is yasashi.

(7) If five of you were to go for “gasshuku” (camping/outdoor activities which requires staying outside), what do you think is neccessary to bring to?

Motive (Purpose)

(8) What did you have for dinner yesterday?

seaweed (もずく), tofu, soramame (broad bean)
So little!!!! (°口°;)

(9) How do you describe your hairstyle today?

It’s not long and it’s not short either.

(10) Which color to describe your mood today ?

Light gray

(11) Which part do you wash first when you take your bath?


(12) What do you think is your favorite phrase (habit of talking) ?

“Nanka…(なんか)” (It’s something like “hmm… somehow…”)

(13) Which animal to describe yourself?

What do you think? (Jun asked Aiba who is beside him, and aiba answered “beaver”,and Jun said, “ok, beaver then”

(14) What is bothering you recently ?

I feel hot when i reached home.

(15) What is your promise for Arafes and 5 Dome Tour ?

I’ll make you enjoy it!

(16) A good guy is someone who is ○○ (Please fill in that).

Someone who is responsible.

(17) Do you want to be a guy or girl in your next life.

I always feel like being a guy in my life, but recently i think it’s not bad to be a girl, i wanna reborn as female and give birth to baby.

(18) You feel easy in japanese style room (tatami) or those western style room.

Western style.

(19) What do you wear when you sleep ?

Tshirt and long pants.

(20) Will you eat the food you like first, or save it to enjoy it the last.

Eat little by little in between and finish it the second last.

(21) What are the food which surprise you recently?

The soba which i had it during outdoor location work.

(22) Which member did you have meal together with recently?

Nino. We had meal after work together, with Maru (Kanjyani) and Hina (Murakami from Kanjyani).

(23) Which stationery to describe yourself?

(Nino who was nextby said “Ruler Ruler!” because he was very self desciplined.)
Hmmm.. i think either ruler or compas, Compas is round, and we always form a round “engine” before concert.

(24) What filiality you’ve shown recently ?

I bought a hat for my father when i went overseas recently. He has been saying that he wants a hat.

(25) Which is your favorite menu when having yakiniku ?


(26) What is your favorite type of onigiri?


(27) Any rules when washing your clothes?

Separate those which are white.

(28) What you feel the most confident in it?

The way to eat fish (when he heard Aiba’s answer on this). I leave those bones clean.

(29) Where do you want to go if you can travel alone?

If i can go now, i would choose Italy.

(30) Which part of Ninomiya Kazunari which makes you envious most?

Besides his appearance?(Nino who is beside him said “Hey, please state other things than my appearance!”)Hmmm his skilful hands. Those magics, i’m sure i cant do it. I think he’s really skilful!

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  • zydny
    10 9月, 2013, 22:08

    Fantastic! I love reading the answers each Arashi member has for these questions. It was so cute how MatsuJun was interacting with Aiba and Nino with his answers. Thank you again for translating!

  • Sus
    10 9月, 2013, 22:34

    Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  • G Hoshi
    11 9月, 2013, 4:20

    thank you very much ! 

  • 14 9月, 2013, 21:13

    Arigatou!! Kyaa~ Jun’s answers are so formal but I loved it all  Thanks!!

  • 16 9月, 2013, 22:45

    is there for ohno Q&A??

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