Nino’s Q&A 30 questions

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As requested, Nino’s part.

I like the feeling of 5 on a bed, and the way Aiba sit, the way Sho looks up (≧▽≦)

(1) Any custom or your own regulation, things you must do when you go back to your parent’s home ?

I always drive back and i don’t stay overnight even though it’s new year.

(2) What would you describe autumn as?

Gourmet. Well, i’m not into it anyway (LOL)

(3) Please denote member using smell.

Riida is the smell of sea, he likes fishing. Aiba-san loves outdoor, so it’s the smell of grass. Sho-chan is the smell of oversea, he often visit overseas. Jun-kun hmm… i wonder what it is, maybe the smell of real man? I think he’s quite “man” (LOL)

(4) Did you ever see a real dream ? (Real dream is dream which turns true)


(5) Do you like your own eyes?

Hmm.. not really like it but not dislike it either.

(6) Please state out 3 conditions of the girl you like.

I dont really have any condition, hmm.. someone who likes me, someone who speaks japanese, and someone who doesnt bother me too much.
Just like Sho, Nino’s condition never change after all ne♪

(7) If five of you were to go for “gasshuku” (camping/outdoor activities which requires staying outside), what do you think is neccessary to bring to?

Car. Big one.

(8) What did you have for dinner yesterday?

I didnt have it yesterday. Well, i often dont eat dinner.
Nino!!!!!! orz….

(9) How do you describe your hairstyle today?

Hmm… fringe? (LOL)

(10) Which color to describe your mood today ?

Blue. The weather is good today, blue sky, kimochi ii
Same as Sho~

(11) Which part do you wash first when you take your bath?

Head. I wash from top.

(12) What do you think is your favorite phrase (habit of talking) ?

It should be “naruhodo” (I see)

(13) Which animal to describe yourself?

Dog. I was often described as that.

(14) What is bothering you recently ?

My waist is kinda painful.. But i went to manual therapeutics and it has become much better.
That’s Nino old problem ne..

(15) What is your promise for Arafes and 5 Dome Tour ?

I will enjoy no matter in what situation!

(16) A good guy is someone who is ○○ (Please fill in that).

The guy who was praised as a good guy by people around him i guess. Those who always create troubles are “dame”.

(17) Do you want to be a guy or girl in your next life.

Guy. Well, i experienced that, so i think i will be better if i’m borned as a guy again.

(18) You feel easy in japanese style room (tatami) or those western style room.

Western style. I seldom spend my time at tatami room.

(19) What do you wear when you sleep ?

Tshirt and short pants, summer and winter.

(20) Will you eat the food you like first, or save it to enjoy it the last.

Depends on the mood on that day, but i don’t think i eat that much(LOL)

(21) What are the food which surprise you recently?

All those who came out in Arashi ni Shiyagare “Tokyo II mise Kudoi Mise” (LOL)

(22) Which member did you have meal together with recently?

All of them. This is also during the “Kudoi Mise” SP (LOL)

(23) Which stationery to describe yourself?

Oh! Same as Aiba-chan!

(24) What filiality you’ve shown recently ?

I think working is consider a filiality. If i’m a parent, i hope my children will work.

(25) Which is your favorite menu when having yakiniku ?

“Tanshio” (タン塩) (Than salt flavor)

(26) What is your favorite type of onigiri?

明太子(mentaiko = spice cod roe) since long tiem ago.

(27) Any rules when washing your clothes?

Hmm.. there’s always people who helped me with my laundry.. so i really don’t have any rules (LOL)
Who ?? WHO ?? (°口°;) (LOL)

(28) What you feel the most confident in it?

Game. Especially those RPG type

(29) Where do you want to go if you can travel alone?

I prefer domestic rather than overseas. The place which is easy for me.

(30) Which part of Ohno Satoshi which makes you envious most?

Urm… nothing in particular (LOL)

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6 Comments on “Nino’s Q&A 30 questions”

  • zydny
    6 9月, 2013, 22:24

    Thank you for translating Nino’s questions, too! He is always so careful to say things that don’t reveal much. And he always say he wants a girl who doesn’t bother him. Nino! LOL

  • jenice
    6 9月, 2013, 23:22

    hahahahahahaha He still not change. love game, stay at home (his own house). I always have a quation about girl who can speak japanese. Why? I think he can speak English. 55555 I have been try to learn japanese but so hard for me. finally just give up. -__-
    My wondering same as your is who help him to do laundry. WHO? maid? someone from his family? who?
    and I just know that ho dont have dinner. why? on diet?
    by the way, thanks for translating and sharing to us.

  • 7 9月, 2013, 14:55

    heyy, do u think u can translate Satoshi and Jun’s as well ? 🙂 

  • 7 9月, 2013, 16:40

    What about Jun’s? I really would like to know it. 🙂 Arigatou~

  • Erika
    7 9月, 2013, 23:24

    I wonder if Nino hire a housekeeper?  It’s quite common to hire one when you are a very busy person like him.

  • Chako
    9 9月, 2013, 23:50

    thank you so much for translating nino’s part! I agree with you on ‘5 on the bed’. for me it gives the feeling that they’re siblings living in the same house~

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