Aiba’s Q&A 30 questions

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As requested, Aiba’s part.

(1) Any custom or your own regulation, things you must do when you go back to your parent’s home ?

I always phone them and tell them “I’m reaching soon yo” when i was about to reach.

(2) What would you describe autumn as?

Concert. It’s going to start soon too this year.
Same as Sho-chan ♪

(3) Please denote member using smell.

Riida’s smell never change this 10years ne. Sho-chan is fresh scent. He’s beside me now, and i can feel the fresh(soft and nice) scent from him (LOL). Nino is hamburger. He loves it. Matsujun is fruit, he often had it.
I havent translate other members, but all members describe Sho’s smell as fresh (爽やか) ♡

(4) Did you ever see a real dream ? (Real dream is dream which turns true)

Uhm…. nope i guess. I dont often dream. Well, maybe i just forgot about it.

(5) Do you like your own eyes?

I hope my eyesight is slightly better.

(6) Please state out 3 conditions of the girl you like.

Someone who doesnt talk bad about others. Someone who is clean, who bath everyday. Someone who is considerate
HAHAHAHHAHA the 2nd condition!!

(7) If five of you were to go for “gasshuku” (camping/outdoor activities which requires staying outside), what do you think is neccessary to bring to?


(8) What did you have for dinner yesterday?

Chinese food. Soup and gyoza.

(9) How do you describe your hairstyle today?

I think it has grown a bit long now.

(10) Which color to describe your mood today ?

Those light and fluffy color. Perhaps beige.

(11) Which part do you wash first when you take your bath?

From left arm.

(12) What do you think is your favorite phrase (habit of talking) ?

I dont think i have any.. yeah, i think no.

(13) Which animal to describe yourself?

Hmm….. maybe rabbit? Because it will die if it feels sabishi (lonely)

(14) What is bothering you recently ?

Suntanned too much recently. Maybe i’m much darker than Riida now. But in my case, it’s because of outdoor work ne (LOL)

(15) What is your promise for Arafes and 5 Dome Tour ?

I’m going to enjoy myself much too! Well, i guess that’s LIVE ne.

(16) A good guy is someone who is ○○ (Please fill in that).

Someone who doesnt talk bad on others. Well i stated that as one of the girl’s condition, but i think it’s a very important thing.

(17) Do you want to be a guy or girl in your next life.

No particular choice.

(18) You feel easy in japanese style room (tatami) or those western style room.

Western style. My house and my parents house has no tatami, so i’m more used to western style room.

(19) What do you wear when you sleep ?

Tshirt and short pants. As for short pants, well sometimes i wear, sometimes i dont.

(20) Will you eat the food you like first, or save it to enjoy it the last.

Eat it at the beginning. Because i think delivcious food taste even more delicious when we have it when we’re really hungry.

(21) What are the food which surprise you recently?

Lobster. My father brought it from supermarket and cooked it, it’s hisashiburi that i had it. Very nice.

(22) Which member did you have meal together with recently?

Had meal with all members in New York recently. It sounds so kakkoii ne (LOL)

(23) Which stationery to describe yourself?

Hmm….. Hmmm….. maybe an eraser? Soft feeling (LOL)

(24) What filiality you’ve shown recently ?

I sent them birthday present.

(25) Which is your favorite menu when having yakiniku ?

Cold mee (冷麺). They had this in yakiniku’s menu
Same as Sho.. side dish instead of the main LOL

(26) What is your favorite type of onigiri?

Takana(高菜) (A kinda vegetables)

(27) Any rules when washing your clothes?

Wash it before it accumulates too much.

(28) What you feel the most confident in it?

I can eat “sanma” (秋刀魚:saury) very clean, even the bones. I left only the head and tail.

(29) Where do you want to go if you can travel alone?

Skytree. I havent been there actually (LOL) Hmm.. i seldom travel alone anyway.

(30) Which part of Sakurai Sho which makes you envious most?

Sho-chan’s muscle is really sugoi

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3 Comments on “Aiba’s Q&A 30 questions”

  • tiaoshi
    5 9月, 2013, 15:01

    woo..they really go to new york ;O five of them??? ;O
    aiba-san feels sabishii? woo…new discovery XD
    thank you for this 😀 hopefully see another member translations hehe

  • zydny
    5 9月, 2013, 21:55

    I am so happy!!!!! Thank you so much for translating. Thank you for sharing Arashi with us. Aiba makes me laugh: MOTIVATION! And he makes me cry: rabbits die of loneliness. Funny. Kind. Amazing. It’s so much nice to read interviews like this. Thank you again.

  • 6 9月, 2013, 19:10

    Thanks for the translations. It makes it easier to understand some of the answers and the questions asked. 🙂

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