Sho’s Q&A 30 questions

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I’m very lazy recently!!! Who can give me the motivation to write, what idea to write? LOL
Today after reading the interview from latest Potato magazines, i finally bring myself to write on this!
I don’t really love reading magazines with a lot of wordings, but i like those Q&A style! And this time the questions are really good! Makes you understand them more! And since the contents are very long…. ok… ok… i’m bias… here’s the one which cover Sho’s part うれしい顔

Sho-chan kawaii!!!!!!! (ノ≧∇≦)ノキャー

(1) Any custom or your own regulation, things you must do when you go back to your parent’s home ?

I always have meal with my family outside during weekend, and bye bye at the spot there, so i seldom go back to my parent’s house recently

(2) What would you describe autumn as?

Concert. These few years our concert starts mostly in autumn.

(3) Please denote member using smell.

Ohno-san is the scent of seashore, Nino is cream bread, Aiba-san loves outdoor so it’s sun, Matsujun is the scent of sunflower (LOL)

(4) Did you ever see a real dream ? (Real dream is dream which turns true)


(5) Do you like your own eyes?


(6) Please state out 3 conditions of the girl you like.

Someone who knows how to say “Arigato” and “Gomenasai”, someone who thinks for other more than herself, someone who smile often
Sho is very strict when it comes to manner ne.. OK OK i wanna train myself… and i must learn not to be too selfish ><

(7) If five of you were to go for “gasshuku” (camping/outdoor activities which requires staying outside), what do you think is neccessary to bring to?

I hope to “gasshuku” at Hawai, so i guess it’s swimsuit.

(8) What did you have for dinner yesterday?

Yesterday was the day for ZERO, so i had my dinner at Nittere’s canteen. Fried vegetables, chilled tofu, and natto.

(9) How do you describe your hairstyle today?

“Two-block”, reaped (shaved) Sakurai in the summer (LOL)

(10) Which color to describe your mood today ?

Blue. Because the sky is blue today.

(11) Which part do you wash first when you take your bath?

Head, Body, Face, that’s the sequence.

(12) What do you think is your favorite phrase (habit of talking) ?

激ムズ (Geki-muzu) (A way of saying “very difficult”) I often say this during interview.

(13) Which animal to describe yourself?

Last time when we had animal fortune-telling game, it says that i’m koala bear. It says i’m epicurean.

(14) What is bothering you recently ?

My heavy bag. I think my bag is really too heavy. I’m always worrying about a lot of things, so i tend to put in a lot of things inside, and it has become really heavy.

(15) What is your promise for Arafes and 5 Dome Tour ?

I’m going to present a SAIKOU summer for you yo!

(16) A good guy is someone who is ○○ (Please fill in that).

Someone who is yasashi. The kind of yasashii (tenderness) which is not fake, i mean the guy who can be yasashi to other people without people realizing, i think that kinda guy is a good guy.

(17) Do you want to be a guy or girl in your next life.


(18) You feel easy in japanese style room (tatami) or those western style room.

Tatami room. Now my house has no tatami room, but I love the smell of tatami.
Ahhhh~~~~ same as me ><

(19) What do you wear when you sleep ?

Tshirt and short pants

(20) Will you eat the food you like first, or save it to enjoy it the last.

I had it first. We dunno what’s going to happen the next moment, so i want to eat what i like first

(21) What are the food which surprise you recently?

I had chilli crab, a singapore food one year ago, and it was really delicious. So when i went to Singapore recently i feel like eating it,and i finally had it on the last day before i head to the airport.
Sho-chan, yokattane! LOL

(22) Which member did you have meal together with recently?

Five of us together with staff went for “yakiniku” after work recently.

(23) Which stationery to describe yourself?

3 color pen (Red, Blue, Black). You can use 3 colors in one and it’s really convenient. It’s my favorite stationery.
Yeah yeah, Sho loves 3 color pens. I’m using 4 colors one though LOL

(24) What filiality you’ve shown recently ?

2 days ago when i had “teppanyaki” with my family, i paid it.. Hmmm.. just that only.

(25) Which is your favorite menu when having yakiniku ?

Sho-chan…. that’s not the main menu LOL
For those who doesnt know what is “kakuteki”, please refer here, something like kimchee, korean food.

(26) What is your favorite type of onigiri?

The one with pickled plum inside.

(27) Any rules when washing your clothes?

Towel, tshirt and underwear must be washed separately.
OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (°口°;) He’s really more more more more more majime that i expected… Oh no….. i dumped them all inside the washing machine…

(28) What you feel the most confident in it?

I think i know how to manage my time well recently. Today and yesterday, around 9am in ther morning, i managed to do a lot of things in a spam of 30minutes.

(29) Where do you want to go if you can travel alone?

France. I havent been there, it’s a place full of history.

(30) Which part of Matsumoto Jun which makes you envious most?

His soft and flexible body.

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17 Comments on “Sho’s Q&A 30 questions”

  • CH
    5 9月, 2013, 1:22

    So he went to eat chilli crab before he left s’pore! I thot he would have gone for chicken rice. 😛

    Thanks for translating. Can you do for Aiba-chan next? If you have time. 🙂 thank you in advance. 🙂

  • Satyrina
    5 9月, 2013, 1:41

    Hi! Thank you for your translation! And your comment are realy funny! ^^ Thank you!
    I’d like if you translate ohno and nino’s parts, but only if you want and if it is not a bother to you.
    Anyway thank you for this!|!!! ^^

  • Sus
    5 9月, 2013, 2:10

    Thank you for translating this. If you have spare time, could you please translate matsujun’s part?:)

  • G Hoshi
    5 9月, 2013, 4:17

    Thanks for translating and sharing it. When he said that he likes a girl who apologizes and thanks people and often smiles, I was thinking of Aiba, ne  ^o^
    Yeah! I would like Matsujun’spart too if you don’t mind. Thank you in advance 🙂

  • zydny
    5 9月, 2013, 10:56

    Thank you so much! I love, love, love reading question interviews! Some of Sho-kun’s answers made me laugh, like the one about the laundry. Please translate Aiba’s questions if you have the time. I wish I could really all of the Arashi answers but I want to read Aiba most of all. Thank you again!

  • Karen
    5 9月, 2013, 13:32

    Thank you so much for the translation!
    I like so much this kind of ineviews, there are still lot of things that I don’t know about them …

  • shoeffa
    5 9月, 2013, 15:29

    Thanks for translating this. I like the facts he puts on rule on how to wash his clothes coz I’m like that too….towel, under-cloths, t-shirt and a white t-shirt/clothes for me. Seems like difficult but if u always doing this, u’ll find it is easy. 
    Whenever he talked about his familym i will smiles a lot..wondering why…maybe i loved to hear how close he is wt his family ne. 
    Am waiting for the other members translation…if u don’t mind..thanks again..:)

  • 5 9月, 2013, 15:33

    Haa, I knew that Sho is more pedant than Jun, lol. Jun is virgo so he is naturally like that but Sho seems to have many quirks. Not in a bad way… just saying 🙂

    Thank you for translating!

  • Erika
    7 9月, 2013, 1:22

    Thank you very much for translating Sho’s part!  Speaking of Sho, do you think you can translate/summarize any of his latest TV appearance?  I’m especially interested in his appearance on Honma Dekka.

    rei125 Reply:

    That needs a lot of effort LOL
    Urm.. let me think ^^

  • Kotoko
    7 9月, 2013, 7:20

    Thanks a lot for and sharing this! Sho-kun’s answers are really interesting 🙂

  • Kotoko
    7 9月, 2013, 7:49

    *for translating and sharing

  • Mega
    8 9月, 2013, 15:12

    aaaa 30 question about sho, love it :3 hontou ni arigatou for translating it rei-san 😀 i love sho much more, i love his strict and manner. Yes, good guy must yasashii 🙂

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