Enjoy Vol.102 2013.08.30

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First of all, happy birthday to Jun~
I’m always bias towards Sho, so i see less of other members, but recently i’m really impressed by Jun, there are many times when his words moved me, his action makes me believe that he’s someone very “yasashii”, wish that he can have a good year ahead of him~

Chiwa ! (Short term of Konnnichiwa)

I’ve turned 30!
Jun desu (^o^)/

Did you participate in the 24hr tv?
We have been chosen as main personality for 2 years continuously, and i think we managed to spend very meaningful time again this year.
We saw a lot on recent Japan, and i began to think a lot….

I want to cherish the feeling and remember it, and take action.

To all who participated, thank you very much!!


Yesterday, 29th, it’s the completion film preview event for movie “Hidamari no Kanojyo”.

It’s been five years since i’m on the big screen…. i was very excited LOL

I hope the circle of Hidamari will get bigger and bigger from now, and hope more people will love this movie.

Do look forward to it \(^o^)/



Me, Matsumoto,

has turned 30.

Grown up desune..

I received a lot of birthday message from a lot of people.
Hontoni arigatou gozaimasu!

I’m loved by my parents, family, friends, and also fans, so i can make up to today. I think there’s no gratitude which i can express on how much support i got from you all.

It’s another new start.

As an adult,

As a man,

I would like to march on step by step.

With you all…

Hontoni arigato.

Jya, i’m going to ganbaru towards Arafes (^o^)/

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2 Comments on “Enjoy Vol.102 2013.08.30”

  • Artsie
    31 8月, 2013, 2:34

    Hehe… so he uses cute smileys in his messages 😀 Hope he has a good year ahead. Thanks for the translation!

  • 6 9月, 2013, 19:15

    ♥ I am a Jun baited and I love him and his smiles so much! I hope that he will keep on smiling to all of us fans. ♥ Jun wa daisuki desu~

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