Otonoha Vol.117 2013.08.15

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Oh no……..
He’s going to play piano again!!!
I’m going to faint again!!!!!


It’s me.

Greeting in the midst of hot summer.
Hope that everyone doesnt fall sick in this hot weather.

It has been 10 days since “Nazotoki wa Dinner no atode” launched.
The feeling is like we finally have to let it go, let it go to the hands of every audience in the cinema.

Hmm.. it’s kinda “lonely” feeling.

To those who hasnt watch it, if you can go to the cinema…

“Arigataki shiawase” (I would be very happy).


In the midst of the launch under this hot weather.

Me, i’ve been working on something silently alone.

Alone, between the passion and calmness.
(He’s saying “冷静と情熱の間”, actually an title of a Hong Kong film many many years ago)


I’ll be playing piano in the 24hr tv show.

It’s a accompanion of a chorus singing.
The last time i played for chorus was during school camp when i was in primary school.

And this time, it’s a four hands performance on 2 pianos.
(This’s my first time experience)

It’s quite a hurdle to me, so honestly i’m quite panic now.

Everyday before working or after working, i practised for 3-5 hours.
Well, what i can do now is keep on practising and practising.


I’m afterall a “companion”, not the main performer in it though…

It’s a program which is very meaningful, and we managed to do it because of the strength of television (media), so hope that you can watch it.

I think i’ve been talking too much on serious topic, so i just write out one small incident which happened to me a few days ago.

It was a conversation with the taxi driver.

Sakurai : “Can you U-turn please?”
Taxi driver : “Yutenji ?” (It’s a place name, in japanese, U-turn sounds like Yutenji)
Sakurai : “No.. it’s Yutanji… HAHAHHAHA”

(Urm… black humour Sakurai is back LOL
I hope you get the humour…
He wants “Yutan” (U-Turn)
But the taxi driver heard it as “Yutenji” (place name)
So he joked and said it’s “Yutanji”

Oops, talked too much on nothing relevant.

That’s all.

It’s 24hr tv show soon.


Sakurai Sho

First, thank you Sho chan for such a long mail.
Second, practising piano everyday from 3 hours to 5 hours ??
From what i know, he doesnt even have time to sleep…
Which means… oh no.. this guy is sacrifising his sleeping time again..
Dont be too stoic!!!

Never did i expect to hear him playing piano again!!
No program or magazine mentioned this, i’m too happy~~
Looking forward to it!

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5 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.117 2013.08.15”

  • nik
    15 8月, 2013, 23:47

    KYAA!!! now its getting exciting for 24jikan terebi~
    cant wait ^_^

  • Yuri
    16 8月, 2013, 1:26

    can´t wait to see and hear him play the piano, this makes me really happy 😀 and thanks for clarifying the joke as i did not get it in the first place :)) funny sho…i dont mind if he ¨talks too much on nothing relevant¨ hihi

  • Kun
    16 8月, 2013, 1:38

    Kyaaaa~~ Sho on piano >< *feel excited*
    he is practicing from 3-5 hours?? OH MY!! is he sleep well? -_- worrying about that 🙁 he is so busy very busy!
    i wish he can take a good rest.

    thanks for share rei-chan 😀

  • persephone
    16 8月, 2013, 2:23

    Ii ne~~~~~~~ piano sho ganbatte!!! 

  • Sartika
    16 8月, 2013, 11:13

    Yay!!! Sho~kun play piano again ^0^
    Excited >.< Cant wait to watch 24hr tv 😀
    Thanks Rei-san for sharing this 🙂
    Otonoha this month make Sho fans very happy ne~~~

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