Sho x Aoi, Perfect Screen Couple ?

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Miyazaki Aoi, Sho’s co-actress in his upcoming movie “Kamisama no Karute”.
She appeared as guest in Arashi’s regular “Himitsu no Arashi Chan” on 2011.08.11.
It is rare to see her on variety, she accept the order because the show was hosted by Sho (Arashi), her co-actor.

Although I havent watch them in movie together, I just feel that Sho and Aoi are such a perfect match. They look so good together 😳 We usually see Sho very “talkative” when interviewing artists, but in this episode, he looks kinda shy 😀 , talk less and listen to Aoi most of the time.
Unlike previous episodes, the atmosphere was peaceful and calm, not much big jokes or games, but just simple talk and interview, between Sho, Aiba & Aoi. Aoi surprised me when she appeared with normal long jeans and simple white blouse, and very plain make up. You know, normally those female artists attending variety will dressed up themselves, mostly with very short miniskirt, high heels etc, but Aoi is different. Simple dressing and yet she looked so elegant!

I like to see her with Sho. They will look at each other now and then, and laughed together, just feel there’s kinda special chemistry between them (just my personal feeling ok).

Sho & Aoi in Himitsu no Arashi Chan 2011.08.11

Sho will help to cover those questions she is not willing to answer.

Never know that Aoi’s character could be so interesting. She said she can sleep anywhere and everywhere. We also heard from Sho too, the same fact, in a magazine previously, Sho said he always find Aoi sitting alone there and sleeping all her way.. 😆 Aoi mentioned too that she is a very blur person, she took back the hotel’s tv remote control without realizing.. Well, Sho began to dig out Aiba’s “legend”.. ie mistook the aircond remote control as handphone..

When Aiba asked what’s her opinion on Sho, she said, Sho’s very clever.. but…. his movement is clumsy.. 😀
Sho described himself as “two legged locomotion” (hmm.. dun understand this part.. but anyway they’re laughing so happily *LOL*)

Aiba asked Aoi what's her image of Sho

Aoi praised Sho, saying that he's very clever (ok, everyone says that :p)

Sho described himself as "two-legged loccomotion"? dun understand...

Sho mimicked Ken Kosugi again in this episode… we already seen it too many times in other shows, but seems that it’s Aoi’s first time to see it, and she laughed so hysterically, keep on putting her thumbs up *LOL*

Aoi cant stop laughing and praised Sho for his Ken Kosugi's mimic

They later went into the kitchen and made themselves Korean style (?) cold noodles, Aoi’s favourite. Sho was in charge of peeling & cutting tomatoes.. but.. yeah, yeah, we know he’s not good at kitchen’s work 😳

Aoi : "Are you OK?" Sho: "yeah...?"

Aoi: "Dont tell me you're going to peel with your hands..?" Sho-chan.....

Sho, finally trying to use the knife after being taught by Aoi ^^;

They look like real couple~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

Don't you think they really look compatible?

Lastly, Miyazaki Aoi is sooooooooooo cute and beautiful~~~!!

So sweet~~~

Beautiful Aoi~~

Never find any co-actress who looks compatible with Sho, until Aoi appeared.
but.. just FYI, if you’re unaware of it, Aoi’s is married 🙂
So… no more chance for Sho anyway… 😀

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14 Comments on “Sho x Aoi, Perfect Screen Couple ?”

  • Pauline
    27 4月, 2012, 5:54

    The perfect screen couple ! Yes, that’s exactly my thought. They look so good together that i’m not even jealous of Miyazaki for playing Sho’s wife…lol. But i think he looked good too with Aoi Yuu. I like both actress for their natural beauty and their style.

    rei125 Reply:

    i mentioned that Aoi is married and no chance for Sho.. but she got divorced recently…
    but still there’s no chance for Sho i guess ^^;

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