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A picture of private Sho at KLIA

OK, malaysian fans~
The picture he took in this page will definitely catch your attention LOL
Anyone know where is the place….? There’s signboard there.. LOL
Or anyone knows where did he actually board the boat..?
I think this restaurant should be somewhere near there..

A restaurant…? or maybe should call it a canteen ? in town.

And the food i ate here.
Some sort like curry?
Oishi desu.

Sho has been eating spicy food at Singapore and Malaysia ne.
Hehehehe, i ate before this, although not at the same place LOL
I’m happy that he enjoyed every local food wherever he goes.
His stomach is quite strong ne LOL
Last time when he went to India, when everyone warn him to be careful of food because it’s easier to get diarrhea if you’re not used to the food there, he said he stayed healthy through the whole trip! LOL

Yabai yo… daisuki…

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12 Comments on “Voyage Chronicles of Kageyama Page9”

  • persephone
    12 8月, 2013, 1:55


    Arigatou rei-san!  ^^

  • 0227964
    12 8月, 2013, 2:56

    the first pic would be at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

    the second pic probably near the place that he went to and the third one would be roti canai (as of what we malaysian call it or more well known as roti prata i believe) ..from the other pics that i’ve saw it seems like he went to terengganu and from there he went to jeti merang and took a boat  to pulau redang (it just an assumption that i make since there’s a few island nearby there) ..

    hope that’s help

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you so much 🙂
    I know KLIA, but i didnt know other places. ic ic… i hope he writes more on this, i wanna visit there some day LOL

  • 12 8月, 2013, 3:08

    first photo was the airport named KLIA which stands for Kuala Lumpur International Airport. as the second photo, i think it was taken in Terangganu (an east coast state in Malaysia) since the Starcruise Virgo stopped there and he actually took his flight from that state to KLIA. the third photo was ‘roti canai’. he must had taken it when he was in the shop. might not be right but hope it helps. 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you! wow, he took flight from there to KLIA ?! INNER INFORMATION LOL
    thank you so much~

  • gnubutnes
    12 8月, 2013, 3:54

    Canteen in town? If he image the restaurant is the high class one like it japan, he may get it wrong. This definately standard type of restaurant in Malaysia. But the food usually oishiii….compare to the look…..glad he enjoy the food.

  • 0227964
    12 8月, 2013, 11:30

    he makes my heart bleeds with all the info that he updated hahahha..
    oh you wanna visit there…it actually only open on certain season i think from feb to jun/july  and then october-september, i might be wrong on this operation month but it is something like that hehe..since the other month the wind kinda strong plus raining + thunderstorm + whatsoever that relates to it..know this from my friend who went there before and my heart bleeds again hahahha.. 

    oh i think there’s another pic of him with golden horses..i think he he stays at palace of golden horses at mines resorts city..this one would be in selangor and probably nearer (not that near) to KLIA….yet this is also just an assumption that i make,he may just went there to take pics with the horses hahahha

    rei125 Reply:

    what!!!!! i wanna see the photo with golden horse !!!! LOL
    thanks for the info ne~

  • 0227964
    12 8月, 2013, 15:45

    the pic is kinda small so ..yeah..the pic of him with golden horses will be the one on your right (the middle one)

    and i come to know that he went to jeti merang and then maybe to pulau redang due to the pic in the middle,you could see the signboard that wrote jeti merang..good thing that he share that pic hehe..

    hope thats help ^^

    and sorry for keep on posting a new post i dunno how to reply to the previous comment

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you~ i posted the picture in my facebook, the one at the right is inside the cruise according to the wordings~ i have the magazine with me~

  • 0227964
    12 8月, 2013, 17:03

    oh bad then…thanks for the info ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    ah, it’s ok 🙂 thanks for all the information~

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