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Malaysian fans must be very happy to see this~

I reached here with the boat i posted yesterday, so i took this picture.
Souka, it’s Malaysia.
I hope i can just go and play soccer with the japan nadeshiko (ladies soccer team)…

Any soccer tournament at Malaysia that time? (°口°;)

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3 Comments on “Voyage Chronicles of Kageyama Page8”

  • gnubutnes
    6 8月, 2013, 19:54

    Yes….you are right…I’m Malaysian…..and I soo damm happy^^. And it much much precious as it take by Sho, plus this month is our independent month…the day after Matsujun’s birthday   31th August…thank you for translating this^^

  • yukerie
    6 8月, 2013, 21:29

    I’m a Malaysian too!!! So happy to see this!!!!!! thank you so much for posting and translating for us!!! ^^

  • nik
    7 8月, 2013, 10:18

    hope he had more pics in Malaysia~
    but really didnt understand the Japan Nadeshiko part…there was no news regarding soccer tournament wit Nadeshiko (or is it just me who didnt know anything about soccer tournament)…teehee
    demo cho ureshii dayou that he took some pics of Malaysia even though its just for his transit back to Japan~ ^_^

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