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Japanese humour… japanese joke…. (°口°;)
Urm…… this one is hard to understand if you dunno japanese… ORZ

I somehow stop at this shop.
This’s the door.
When i pushed it….
Yeah, i’m the “pushman”. Thank you!

Urm…. pushing the door in japanese is “押した”
and it’s same pronunciation for recommend (“oshi”).
And “oshimen” (推しメン”) in japanese means the member in the idol group which you support.
So he was playing with the word, and he meant he support Sakurai Sho in Arashi.
Cold humour…. LOL

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29 Comments on “Voyage Chronicles of Kageyama Page5”

  • mitra
    22 8月, 2013, 19:39

    LOL dry jokes as usual, Sho-chan. That’s why we love him XDD

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