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New movie coming out, it’s not drama but i’m surprised Sho’s going start his diary for this movie.
He’s going to show photos he took during his shooting for this movie, a short photo diary.
Today is the Vol.1 (He didnt mention the spam he will update)

The first morning when i landed on Singapore, it was around 5 am.
The Raffles Hotel during dawn. It’s beautiful.

Sho was funny, he wrote “びゅりほ” (pronounced as “Byuriho”) for “beautiful” LOL
Not that he doesnt know the pronunciation, he was trying to be humour, act in the way those westerner say it (hard to explain LOL)

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One Comment on “Voyage Chronicles of Kageyama Page1”

  • persephone
    29 7月, 2013, 22:11

    Ahhhh.. expected from his recent “alamak,under construction lah” statement. .. lovin the man more and more.. ♥

    Tq rei-san^^

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