Saturday’s Johnnys 2013.07.28 – Sakurai Sho

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OK, it’s Sho this time (ノ≧∇≦)ノキャー


Taken before the Waku Waku on sunday 2013.06.30.
He said he feels unbelievable that 50,000 fans gather in Tokyo Dome and listen to them talking while at the same time taking notes of it. He said he feels the satisfaction from this event.


Study meeting before the ZERO election special program.
It was held after Zero on 15th July.
Kya~~~~~ Sho in private costume~ Looks like the vest he wore to Singapore or in Atarashi Arashi ? Maybe he loves vest recently~ :)
He says he always go for voting on the election day but this year, he went one day earlier.
Ahh look at the clock!!! 1:15 am!!!! Sho-chan…. hontoni otsukaresama !!!


He went to Turkey one year ago, and this’s the picture taken at Ayasofya.
He said he only managed to stay 2 days there but he really enjoyed it, it’s historical, the food are nice, the people are nice. He said he went with a male friend who is 36 or 37 and he said that’s definitely not a place to go with male friends because the place is just tooo nice (LOL)

His favorite item

His schedule book. He said he bought it around year 2007.
He said he took memo on what he did last week, whom he met. And also his schedule for the next week. He said he hate it when he dunno what’s his schedule the next week. He said he often manage his schedule on Monday.

Below is information from fan.

Urm…… the schedule book is Hermes brand.
I’m so shocked to see the price… Well.. it’s cheap maybe as a branded thing, but i know nothing about branded things, and i dont go for it (too poor for it), so by just looking at the price….. i nearly got fainted… LOL
Yeah… he earns a lot because of his own hardwork and also his sacrifaction, but i still think that it’s tooo expensive for just a schedule book!!!! HAHAHAH
Sho-chan gomen….. i’m not probing into your personal 泣き顔

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4 Comments on “Saturday’s Johnnys 2013.07.28 – Sakurai Sho”

  • cassiechancasie
    28 7月, 2013, 5:01

    sho-chan is too busy ne:) He has only two days to go traveling:( I was shocked to see the price as well:) It’s just a schedule book:/ But i guess it’s worth it for sho-chan:) Thanks for translating and sharing everything! 

  • Addicted to Arashi
    28 7月, 2013, 19:07

    He is so busy!
    Thank you for this post ^^

  • nik
    29 7月, 2013, 12:03

    thanx for sharing~ love reading about him… ^_^

  • Mega
    30 7月, 2013, 0:26

    aaaaa daisuki shooo~~ thank you rie-san for sharing about him :3 especially his schedule notebook :) i more more love sho :D

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